Driving under the influence: between research and the grotesque.

Driving under a weak influence A new study examined the effects of cannabis

A recent study from the University of Bucharest tells us more about cannabis and driving and driving. Above all, it takes a fresh look at previous studies.

This Romanian study does not seek to confirm whether or not driving under cannabis increases the risk of an accident. It reveals the many flaws in previous studies. They would tend to distort the figures. At the same time, in Canada, the most amazing methods seek to simulate vision under the influence of cannabis.

Methodological problems

THEsurvey points to many methodological concerns in the studies carried out to date.

The first problem concerns the management of encrypted data, and the correlation that can be established between road accidents and cannabis use.

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This is not to indicate the absence of a link between the two, but only to specify that the studies carried out so far do not allow us to do so. The flaws that the team from the University of Bucharest only address on this point.

An absence of distinction between effects and the presence of THC in the body

Researchers indeed show the lack of distinction between the effects of THC on the perception of things, and the presence in the body of residues of its consumption.

Thus, traces of cannabis in the form of THC-COOH can remain detectable in the body for up to 30 days depending on his metabolism. This presence therefore does not induce an alteration in behavior or perception.

However, all the past studies do not allow us to know what was in previous research. THC or THC-COOH, no distinction is made.

A prejudicial blur in the comparison between alcohol and cannabis

In fact, being able to compare cannabis and alcohol becomes complicated. If we refer to the presence in the body, if THC-COOH can remain for several days, or even several weeks in the body, alcohol behaves differently.

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In order to be able to establish a fair comparison, it would be necessary to refer strictly to behavioral studies. Of studies have looked into this point, with particularly interesting results. In the absence of a definitive result, the team favors a statistical absence of a significant link between accident and cannabis… pending further research.

Ineffective screening tests

Many elements conclude that there are reliability concerns around tests to detect cannabis. So a American study had shown that these screenings were scientifically unfounded. Whether it is blood, saliva or urine tests, their effectiveness has been questioned by science, at the same time Canada wants to impose the most stringent standards.

Driving under the influence of cannabis, a grotesque simulation

In Canada, ridicule doesn't seem to kill, especially when it comes to cannabis. A experience with simulation glasses stood. The goal: to give the impression of being under the influence of cannabis.

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As Canada takes the path of legalization, the CAA-Quebec (Canadian Automobile Association) claims to do prevention with its glasses.

We will let each judge of the grotesque of this kind of simulation.

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