Cannabis driving, what are the real dangers?

Driving under a weak influence A new study examined the effects of cannabis

Cannabic Driving - Driving under a weak influence

A new study examined the effects of cannabis on driving. With and without alcohol and shows us that cannabis causes a slower driving. And that the combination of cannabis and alcohol reduces the level of danger that generates alcohol alone.

Dr. Rebecca Hartman

This study is complete, scientifically valid and recognized by the American Anti-Drug Authority (NIDA).

This study conducted by the University of Iowa published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology. It indicates that cannabis use is much safer than alcohol on driving and reduces risk, unlike driving under the influence of alcohol. A group of researchers led by the. Dr. Rebecca Hartman has tested how grass affects driving when consumed alone. And what is its combined effect with alcohol .. This is to determine if cannabis use increases the risk of occurrence in an accident.

The subjects in the study consumed true alcohol or placebo and then consumed 500 mg of cannabis by evaporation (placebo, low or high - depending on the concentration of THC). All this in 10 minutes and immediately from the beginning of the test. The test itself was conducted in a driving simulator (ENAD).

By highlighting epidemiological and experimental data. Epidemiological data show that the risk of involvement in a car accident increases by about 2 times after smoking .... The adjusted guilt risk of the driver also increases considerably, especially with higher THC blood levels ...

But studies that used urine as a biological matrix did not show an association between cannabis and the risk of an accident. Experimental data shows that drivers try to compensate by driving more slowly after smoking cannabis. But control is deteriorating with increasing complexity of tasks. Smoking increases weaving of the pathway and cognitive function. Critical follow-up tests, reaction times, divided attention tasks and path position variability all show cannabis-induced impairment.

flying canna
"What makes the compensatory behaviors of cannabis different from the dangerous behaviors due to the consumption of alcohol,"

Despite the supposed tolerance among frequent smokers, complex tasks still have deficiencies. Combining cannabis with alcohol increases disability.

The danger of alcohol

The results of the study (18 participants successfully completed) showed that cannabis use alone does not endanger the driver or increase the risk of a traffic accident.

Alcohol causes a sense of over-safety - as opposed to a sense of caution and awareness of the risks of cannabis.

But it causes the motorist to travel at a lower speed and to keep a greater safety distance from the vehicle. In fact, technically it can be said that driving under the influence of cannabis decreases the risk of a traffic accident. The main difference between the impact of alcohol on driving and that of cannabis is its resentment. In addition, the researchers noted that participants who consumed cannabis associated with alcohol showed a tendency to reduce cruising speed and indicated that cannabis caused a decline in the dangerous driving caused by alcohol.

Alcohol 20x more dangerous

Another study conducted in Oslo, Norway, and published last week, found that the consumption of a particularly large amount of cannabis (acute intoxication) can still increase the risk of 20% accident.

Drunk Driving
that is, a small amount of alcohol is 20 times more dangerous than a large amount of cannabis.

In contrast, according to the findings of the US Department of Transportation, driving under low alcohol influence increases the amount of traffic accident of 393% ...

drunk driving is significantly more dangerous than marijuana so avoid driving under his influence.

These new data come well-to contradict the salivary tests in France (anti-cannabis) that ruins the lives of people.

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