Drake and Ricky Williams make second attempt at marketing cannabis

A few months after the end of his partnership with Canopy Growth, Drake returns to the game

Drake invests in Bullrider and announces new initiatives in the field. Toronto rapper Drake teams up with producer Noah Shebib (aka 40) and two others for Bullrider, a cannabis grower known for strains like Afghani Bullrider, Peach Crescendo, and Wedding Cake. Bullrider is a subsidiary of Robes Inc.

"I have always viewed 40 as the expert when it comes to cannabis and am very happy to invest, partner and help set a new standard for a premium cannabis experience," Drake says about Shebib.

40 adds: “My involvement in Bullrider stems from the desire to help consumers access high quality strains with the same recreational therapeutic benefits that I have enjoyed. It is not a brand of cannabis like any other. Bullrider has a deep reverence for quality cannabis and its medicinal properties, which has always fascinated me. "

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Drake's previous cannabis company, More Life Growth Company, was affiliated with Canopy Growth. Principles ended this agreement in June.

Ricky Wiliams launches Highsman

It's a cute brand name for whoever won the NCAA Heisman Trophy for College Football Player of the Year in 1998. He's also the first NFL player to talk about the benefits of cannabis for players. while the league regularly suspended them for consuming it, Ricky Williams paid the price with multiple suspensions that cut his career short. His new Highsman project says it all. "It's time to change the way we talk about cannabis." There is a passionate and dedicated team behind the brand, and together we want to help all people inspire greatness in themselves.

Drake will play a role of advice and help in terms of strategy as part of Bullrider's mission to bring an “unparalleled cannabis experience” to the North American market.

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The Highsman product line is divided into three categories: Pregame (sativas), Halftime (hybrids) and Postgame (indicas).

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