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Dragon Balls Spheres At 99% THC

CBD Oil - 2,75% - 10ml

Dragon Balls are beautiful orbs that contain 3000 grams of pure cannabis oil, at a rate of 99% THC.

These orbs you see in front of you seem straight out of a glass oven. These crystal spheres, radiating light are called by its creator the Dragon Balls, a reference of modern times and 99% of THC.

The Dragon Balls

These spherical objects, similar to the eponymous cartoon (Dragon Balls); do they also contain a fabulous "magic" power? If you believe in the power of the herb, these golden balls represent 3 000 grams of pure THC isolate at 99% ...

Xtracted Labs produces these massive and unique pieces in its Seattle extraction labs. As a cannabis lover, you will appreciate the craftsmanship that has made the wonders of THC.

There is little information about these Dragon Balls. Which leads us to believe that it was a marketing move (which worked!) Or a special order. Anyway, they will not appear on the shelves of a clinic anytime soon. As long as you have the funds to place a special order, these Dragon Balls can be yours. And for 3 000 grams of pure THC, you will need a lot of money ...

How are they made?

These incandescent orbs are tasteless and fragrance free, and are made from an extract produced by the X-tracted laboratories known as Clear. Regardless of the original strain that has entered the process, the process will leave it unrecognizable by its smell ... Will remain that its pure cannabinoid, and the only extract, it is to say Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly called THC ...

Addition of terpenes

According to Xtracted Labs, they have a process to reintroduce terpenes into the concentrate. This is a common practice throughout the industry because terpenes do not resist as cannabinoids at the high heat of the extraction process.

When they reintroduce terpenes into the Clear, it takes up the flavor and aroma of the original strain. Blueberry ? Sour Diesel? You will get each of these flavors if you wish.

Xtracted Laboratories only use high quality, trichome-covered buds. For six grams of fresh flowers, they can produce one gram of extract. Which means that 3000 Dragon Ball grams need at least 18000 grams of buds ... Again, this high-end product will probably not be accessible.

Eat Dragon Balls

If by chance or by a big investment effort, it is possible to own a Dragon Ball ... But how to smoke? After all, these spheres are simply impossible to consume in their current form ...

But because they're made from 99% Pure THC Concentrate, you have two options - and both require you to go for it. The dabbing and vaping are the only ways to smoke these famous Dragon Balls ...

The culture of the dab is of course the reason why this company has already made a name for itself. It produces a range of shatters, buds and wax under the name Northwest Concentrates. They also offer a range of products for the vape, called Refined.

If you consider that the average amount of concentrate is between 0,25 and 0,5 gram, a ball of 3 000 grams will take you forever to be consumed. Dabber a single Dragon Ball will last you months, years; unless you have a sense of sharing ...

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