Dr.Dre the new brand from Canopy Growth

dr.Dre the new brand from Canopy Growth

Canadian company Canopy Growth launches new brand 'Chronic By Dre', in association with rapper and producer, Dr. Dre

Celebrity-stamped cannabis is nothing new to the cannabis industry. Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are the two most well-known consumers who have obtained a license for their products. And now it looks like Canopy Growth Corp. Teams up with fellow hip-hop star Dr. Dre for the eponymous brand: 'Chronic By Dre'.

Canopy Growth, Chronic by Dre, Dr. Dre

Chronic by Dre

A few weeks ago the Canadian Canopy Company, one of the top three cannabis companies in the world, registered a new brand, " Chronic By Dre ". The brand in the name of the famous Dr. Dre, has been officially registered by the Canadian medical cannabis company, Tweed. A company that is a subsidiary of Canopy Growth. It also cooperates with the Dutch medical cannabis society Bedrocan, the Dutch seed company Greenhouse and the famous company DNA, specializing in the genetics of cannabis seeds.

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Canopy Growth, Chronic by Dre, Dr. Dre
Tweed Inc. "(" Tweed "), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation.

Among the categories of products and services mentioned in the trademark registration, we find " marijuana and their derivatives, namely live plants, seeds, dried flowers, liquids, oils, oral sprays, capsules, tablets and transdermal patches". As well as drinks, body lotions, shower gels and jewelry… And even toys for cats and dogs are mentioned as possible items for the 'Chronic by Dre' range…

Canopy Growth, Chronic by Dre, Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are inseparable today and over the years have multiplied successes and projects together.

Speaking of canines, Canopy also has an exclusive partnership with Snoop Dogg's cannabis brand, Leafs By Snoop.


The cannabis industry believes that the rapper and the famous producer Dr.Dre (André Rommel Young) is on the road to commercializing its new brand of products, in cooperation with the Canadian company.

Canopy Growth, Chronic by Dre, Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre has been instrumental in popularizing gangsta rap, his hometown of Compton, and California hip-hop culture in general. He has produced a multitude of artists such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, The Game, 2Pac, Mary J. Blige, the Pussycat Dolls or the pianist Burt Bacharach…

Apparently the mark is a reference to Dr. Dre's debut album "The Chronic". But, it is not yet known whether Dr. Dre himself was involved in the creation of the new strain. However, it's no surprise that a big company like Canopy might have the appeal of a big name like this.

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Customers are willing to pay more, for a product promulgated by a star. Given the strong influence of marijuana on Dre's work and hip-hop in general, the eponymous strain could have a strong financial value for Canopy Growth.

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