Calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes

calculate the thc dosage for your homemade recipes

THC recommendations and dosage formula for your homemade recipes

The strains of cannabis today are in theory more and more potent. This makes it difficult to estimate how much THC to use in a specific cooking recipe. And also how to prepare the herb before using it. If you do not want to avoid overdose, and your cookies remain edible, it is recommended to follow the advice of a specialist. In this specific case, Jessica Catalano offers us a THC dosage formula for all your homemade recipes. 

Homemade cannabis cooking

Cannabis butter (cannabutter) or Marrakech butter is the basis of most homemade recipes. Basically, you melt the butter in a double boiler. You add ground marijuana to it and cook for a few hours on low heat. We filter everything through a fine mesh strainer. Your butter, once ready, will be used for all your recipes.

But first of all you need to correctly dose your cannabuter. Nothing better than advice from a culinary specialist, like Jessica Catalano. Indeed, Jessica is the author of “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution“, and the head of Cultivating Spirits, a cannabis tourism company in the mountains. Using the Catalano dosage formula, you do the calculations accordingly to find out how much THC is needed for your homemade recipes and per serving.

Catalano dosing formula

First, identify the percentage of THC in the strain you are cooking with. Catalano says that most strains have an average of 10 percent THC. Strains that have 15 to 20% THC are above average, and those that have a THC level greater than or equal to 21% are exceptionally strong ... If you cannot find information on the cannabinoids present in the strain, therefore estimate your THC at 10% ...

calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes 4
calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes 4

You start with 7 grams of marijuana. One eighth would be 3,5 grams. Each 1 gram of cannabis bud is 1 mg dry weight. If a strain has around 000% THC, ten percent of 10 mg would be 1000 mg. So, for cooking at home, it is safe to assume that one gram of cannabis contains at least 100 mg THC.

Determine a dose per serving

Take the amount of ground marijuana, convert it to milligrams and divide it by to determine a dose of THC per serving. A starting dose for beginners is 5 milligrams per serving. That is, the portion size imposed by Colorado for edible marijuana-based products is 10 mg THC.

calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes 3
calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes 3

Three grams of ground marijuana equals 300 mg THC. And we divide 300mg by the yield of the recipe. Example, a classic cookie recipe makes 60 biscuits, this equates to 5 mg per cookie. If you want to be even more careful with your homemade cannabutter, 1,5 grams (150mg) of marijuana divided into 60 biscuits will give 2.5mg per serving.

Tips for working with good food

Some recommendations are needed to prepare your kitchen area before making your butter. Use the rules of cooking and common sense. Take safety precautions. Have a few dedicated pans and utensils so as not to contaminate your worktop, or your recipe ... Have good ventilation, because a kitchen infused with cannabis is a aromatic process.

calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes 2
calculate the THC dosage for your homemade recipes 2

If you eat cannabis with fatty, high-protein foods, the effects of marijuana extend over time and into your body. If you eat cannabis in the form of sweets, the high did not last that long.

calculate the thc dosage for your homemade recipes
calculate the thc dosage for your homemade recipes

After eating a cannabis-infused food, we recommend that youwait 2 hours. If you don't feel High enough, don't overeat…. Instead, eat something fatty instead of seeking the effect of marijuana. If you are feeling too High, Catalano recommends drinking orange juice or fruit juice to raise your blood sugar.

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