Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products

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Understand the complexities & processes involved in accessing various forms of CBD

The production and sale of CBD-based products are legislated in a confusing manner, states are still involved in the “war on drugs”… Even if today people are discovering the wonders of CBD, it remains difficult for consumers to sort out fact from fiction when making a purchase on the internet. And see the difference between hemp-derived products and marijuana-derived CBD oils. 

Cannabis oil rich in CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid widely known for its relaxing muscle properties. Isolated by itself, the CBD is non-psychoactive. It has been reported to be effective in treating epileptic seizures, even in young children.

Cannabis & Cancer, questions suspended
Cannabis oil rich in CBD is officially used medicinally in the United States

CBD is found in both Indica-type and especially Sativa-type cannabis production. The latter produces virtually no amount of the cannabinoid Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But it does produce a certain amount of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
The famous “Californian” OG Kush, used medicinally

Industrial hemp

Industrial production of hemp is federally legal, with laws and licenses varying from state to state. By law, CBD derived from hemp is completely legal, but CBD does not appear to have popped its head out of the water yet ... In order to produce CBD oil, you must first harvest cannabis plants from high in CBD, and legally ...

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
industrial hemp

In the United States, this requires that producers be licensed in their state. And above all by law just like an industrial hemp producer ... But licenses are difficult to access, whether legally, fiscally or with any other set of parameters, rules and regulations which differ from state to state. Which can be compromising when selling products.

Some important legal differences

Hemp :
To be legal at the US federal level, it must contain 0,3% or less THC. With so little THC, hemp has no psychotropic effects.
It is used to create products such as textiles, building materials, industrial products, paper, food and body care.
It is usually grown outdoors to maximize the size and yield of the plant. Hemp does not require the same rigorous attention when it comes to lighting, humidity and temperature as cannabis, and it can be grown in different climatic zones. Additionally it tends to be tall and slender with weak foliage, having a bamboo-like appearance.
Cannabis :
Unlike hemp, it can contain 0,3% or more of THC. Some high THC strains may contain 30% or more of THC.
It is used for recreational or medicinal purposes. You will not find cannabis to create hemp concrete or textile fabric.
It is usually grown in a controlled environment. Photoperiodic cannabis requires precise exposure to light to bloom because its buds contain the valuable and potent compounds for which cannabis is renowned.
It tends to have a bushy appearance, with wide and full foliage.

Cannabis and hemp both produce CBD. The CBD molecule is the same regardless of its source. However, from a US federal legal standpoint, CBD products derived from hemp and CBD products derived from cannabis are completely different.

However, at the state level, the law is changing. There are 33 states in the United States that have medical cannabis programs, and cannabis-derived CBD is sold at licensed dispensaries for eligible patients. The recreational use of cannabis is also legal in 11 states. In these states, cannabis-derived CBD products are available for the elderly.

Industrial hemp, on the other hand, is no longer considered a controlled Schedule I drug. Following the 2018 Agricultural Law, hemp was reclassified as an agricultural product. Since then, there has been an explosion of CBD products on the market, prompting the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to declare that a regulatory framework for CBD products is still in preparation and that foods containing CBD, dietary supplements and products touting health and medical merits are considered illegal.

Hemp oils are not all equal

Few cannabis researchers or professionals will dispute the effectiveness and wonders of Cannabidiol. It is a powerful product with amazing therapeutic benefits. However, how cannabidiol is extracted from industrial hemp plants, then manufactured, concentrated - and delivered or administered to a customer or patient, is widely suspect ...

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
CBD from hemp is considered a “food supplement”

Some users have even reported becoming violently sick from hemp, which contains in addition to CBD, mysterious and inactive chemicals ... Or worse ingredients different from those indicated on the label ...

Dietary supplement…

The difference with conventional CBD oil is that CBD hemp is regulated by the FDA as dietary supplement and, like other dietary supplements, the FDA “is not authorized to review dietary supplement products…” for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
Industrial hemp exists in France

This is in direct opposition to most controls for medical or recreational cannabis. Regulated markets generally have rigorous guidelines for production, manufacturing and testing. These guidelines generally exclude the sale of CBD derived from hemp by medical and recreational dispensaries.

Regulated markets

Since 1996, several markets have developed in the western United States. Almost two decades later, these and other states, including Colorado, developed recreational cannabis. Growers in these markets produce strains of marijuana that are high in THC and others that are high in CBD. Since then they have been merged into edibles, concentrates and topicals of all kinds to help clients and patients meet their needs. As well as for therapeutic or recreational use.

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
Addyson Benton, and his family moved to California for medical marijuana-based CBD treatments

These markets are now known to have stricter testing standards than standard production agriculture. And now almost half of the states in the country have some form of medical marijuana program. In these markets, medical access card holders can generally access CBD products containing much higher concentrations of Cannabidiol than CBD products derived from hemp.

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
Make no mistake about oil!

Customer service representatives should be able to view and explain a product's origins, ingredients, and test results. Thus, state-certified laboratories provide this knowledge. Some (but not all) even provide a full cannabinoid and terpene analysis.

CBD works best when combined with other cannabinoids

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, 115 of which are currently classified as cannabinoids. CBD and THC are the main cannabinoids in cannabis. So the two commonly occur in relatively larger concentrations, and they are incredibly synergistic.

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
Argument of weight, the terpenes present in marijuana

Taking into account the full spectrum of natural phytonutrients in cannabis is part of a process called “plant” or “natural” medicine. Thus, this practice is highly regarded in the holistic and alternative medicine communities; unlike “conventional” medicine, involving (heavy) treatment based on chemical synthesis…

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
Apothecary, a profession that tends to disappear, and to be reborn with natural medicine - based on cannabis ...

Synergistic CBD

Cannabis contains other natural therapeutic cannabinoids such as CBG, As well as various terpenes, flavonoids and all other phytonutrients found in healthy cannabis plants. Thanks to the Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam, we see that the synergies of all these compounds work together. The process is now known as “Entourage effect".

Differences Between CBD Hemp & Marijuana Products
Raphael Mechoulam, the “father of therapeutic cannabis”

Adding any amount of THC to a therapeutic dose of CBD greatly enhances the effects of CBD !! Medical card holders in many states can now access CBD products with varying proportions of CBD and THC. High THC CBD, low THC cannabis is a desirable drug, both for the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the low presence of THC, which minimizes the psycho activity so dangerously blamed by the government ...

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