Denmark extends trial for cannabis sufferers and makes production permanent

The Danish Parliament has decided that the pilot program will continue after it expires at the end of the year

Danish patients will be able to have access to medical cannabis for at least another four years, and companies in the country producing the plant for medical purposes will be able to operate permanently. Last Tuesday, a large majority of parties voted in the Danish parliament to continue an experimental program for access to medical cannabis, which expires at the end of the year.

Denmark's medical cannabis trial program continues

The ruling Social Democrats, Liberals, Danish People's Party, Socialist People's Party, Unity List, New Bourgeois, Liberal Alliance, Alternative, Christian Democrats and Free Greens have all voted for.

The curious Danish production division and access will continue, as foreign companies will ensure domestic supply through import, and companies located within Danish borders will ship medical weed to other European markets.

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The current trial will expire at the end of 2021, but its continuation is required by law thereafter, according to the Danish ministry health The government will submit bills this fall for adoption by the end of the year.

Denmark opened access to medical cannabis for patients in 2018 as part of a four-year pilot program. Its aim is to offer legal and safe products to patients and to provide national health authorities with patient data.

This information needed to be analyzed to understand usage and effectiveness at the end of the trial period in order to consider establishing a permanent medical market, but a permanent national plan has not yet been mentioned.

The program only concerns patients with multiple sclerosis, lesions of the spinal cord, cancer and neuropathic pain.

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