Delaware, the shadow zone of legalization

Delaware, the shadow zone of legalization

Difficulties accessing medical marijuana in Delaware, patients complain

Five years after medical marijuana was legalized in Delaware, patients are still struggling to gain access to the controversial "drug" (DEA); which is for the vast majority of them remains the only way to relieve their debilitating conditions. Patients, even if drastically selected, are ready to pay the price ...


Patients willing to pay a high price ...

Marijuana in Delaware still resides in a gray area, due to disregard of federal law. The result of health policy is that patients often pay exorbitant prices according to The Wilmington News-Journal, and must drive hours each week to buy cannabis legally from the licensed dispensary; or sometimes (see often) buy it on the street, in order to quickly relieve their daily pains. Most complain that they cannot use the properties of medical cannabis when they need it most ...

Stephen Haner, 61ans, Heals Marijuana (Multiple Sclerosis)

"There are thousands of people who need this medicine, too much greed and politics have been going through it," said Todd Boone, a medical cardholder.

• Derek (anonymous), an Iraq war veteran, could not find a psychiatrist to validate his request for a medical marijuana pass. He uses cannabis "in his own way" to cope with the post-traumatic stress nightmares of war, but this patient has lost his job because of it. Now he turns to alcohol to help him sleep and it doesn't work ...

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• Victor Zapata, 15, having acute epileptic seizures, was approved for medical marijuana two weeks ago, but his mother is reluctant to start treatment fearing that her son will be in hospital… Hospitals in Delaware do not handle cannabis products for fear of the federal government which still classifies marijuana as a highly illicit drug. Healthcare institutions fear being hit with heavy fines, being denied licenses or federal funding.

Delaware's medical cannabis program

Delaware's medical marijuana program continues to evolve since it began in December 2011. Although the state plans to open dispensaries in every county, the process is slowly moving amid threats from the federal government.

Cannabis oil often prescribed in Delaware

The first and "almost" unique distribution site, "First State Compassion Center", was opened in 2015. Now the state is nearing the end of contract negotiations that could open two more dispensaries in Kent and Sussex counties in 2017…

"The First State Compassion Center" near the town of Elsmere

Lawmakers also broadened the list of conditions to include adults and children; but these are only eligible for cancer, certain types of autism and certain forms of epilepsy. Note that the patient must pay the modest sum of $ 125 and that this card is renewable each year ... Recently, Governor Jack Markell signed a law which adds terminal illnesses to the list of obtaining ...

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To be able to purchase medical cannabis at a dispensary, the doctor must certify certain eligibility conditions:

Children & adults:

Terminal illness
Incurable epilepsy ...
A medical condition that causes debilitating pain, seizures, intractable nausea or muscle spasms

Only adults:

ALS / Lou Gehrig's disease
PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome)
Autism with self-harm or aggressive behavior
Alzheimer's disease causing anxious or restless behavior ...
Severe cirrhosis with probable need for a liver transplant


Delaware has decriminalized possession of small amounts of recreational and legalized marijuana for medical purposes, but the federal government is not budging an eyelid and maintains its crackdown, even amid the shift in public opinion and the worldwide interest in cannabis research. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced last August that the legal definition of marijuana will not change, it is currently considered “use for illegal purposes” ...

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