Damian Marley embarks on marijuana extraction

Damian Marley embarks on marijuana extraction

Damian & Ocean Grown Extracts collaborate on cannabis extraction

With his status as a cannabis artist and business man, Damian Marley, newly associated with Ocean Grown, competes on his own behalf, and plans to collaborate on new products derived from cannabis extraction.

Damian Marley embarks on marijuana extraction

Surprising competition

Bob his father, was never in the marijuana industry while he was alive, but his family collaborated with a New York-based start-up to launch Marley Natural, producing cannabis and concentrates. , all being distributed in California ...

Marley Natural

Damian seems to be competing with his old father ^^

Damian & Ocean Grown Extracts

Ocean Grown and Damien Marley have already had some victories this year, such as converting a prison into a plantation and the intention to dedicate a title from one of his next songs " Speak Life " to a future strain of marijuana.


But the collaboration doesn't end there, Damian has joined Ocean Grown Extracts to collaborate on the extraction of marijuana.


With Ocean Grown, Marley is involved in the wholesale distribution of CO2 based extractives, as well as THC oil, and of course marijuana.


Damian Marley does not hide that its fame gives it the opportunity to have its name on many products, and it was important to associate quality products, and an ethic which is its own.

“The integrity of the product, something that I would use personally; also, something young people don't mind being involved in which means a big thing to me ”-“ I want my kids to look back and be proud of me and say that I am not selling my soul for earning dollars, which is important to me ”Damien Marley.

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