Damian Marley "Speak Life"

Damian Marley "Speak Life"

Bob Marley's youngest son converts prison to grow marijuana

California has played a very important role for the cannabis community, including moving to legalization for medical use with the 215 Prop. Now it's Bob Marley's youngest son to embark on an ironic project supporting legalization: converting a California prison into a cannabis farm.


Damien Marley partner with the company Ocean Grown Extracts launches with poetry in an enterprise of conversion of a prison known for having imprisoned a large number of "innocent", non-violent people who have committed the horrible crime of having to smoke or cultivate hemp ...

Damian Marley is expanding into the marijuana business. / © Mike Blake / Reuters / REUTERS

Obviously the prison of Coalinga was in bankruptcy, after the closure of the neighboring prison and she needed work ... The city contracted a massive debt, but the musician Damian Marley (and his associates) came to save the furniture.


By buying the Claremont Custody Center In Coalinga for 4,1 Million Dollars, Damian Marley eases a debt estimated at 3,3 million. Jobs will be created (per hundred) and the gains will feed the village in annual taxes, which will be estimated at 1 million dollars for the first year of activity ...

"If this project helps people, is used for medical purposes and is inspiring, it is a success" Damian Marley

Stoney Hill

Damien told us about his success recently, his fourth album Stony Hill is already shaping up to be a success (January release). Bob's son is also the Savvy Grammy winner in partnering with TruCannabis for developing the strain that will sign his Stoney Hill dispensary (in Denver, Colorado). These are a few thousand square meters of cultivation, where each cannabis plant is traced by an RFID chip that will supply this sector with medical cannabis.

Damian Marley the 1er October 2016 at the Meadows Music Festival in New York. © Carl Timpone / BFA / REX / SIPA

Now associated with Ocean Grown, Damian is ready to create cannabis extracts from his first harvest in 2017. Everything is done that for the success of Damien Marley is important and lasting in the world of cannabis.

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Speak Life

Speak Life, the name of his stump and one of the titles of his next album, is a cross between the OG Kush and a specification that only Damian knows, basically it is an indica dominant hybrid 70 / 30, that Damien will propose in culture in this old prison of California ^^

Damian Marley, real business man

Damian Marley's project is only based on a (expensive) configuration, the huge success! The cannabis industry in California is estimated at around $ 1 billion per year… Damien Marley is well positioned for the creation of his second economic empire, the first being music and the second that of Cannabis.

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