Dabbing of Wax or Spray of Wax


The wax in all its power

This is not hair removal but waxing, better known as hashish butane, BHO , DHO or wax. When extracting pure THC from the plant, butane is used alone and disappears as soon as the waxy substance is obtained. This wax is very powerful because of its high concentration of THC, hence the growth of its consumption in recent years. For the inveterate smoker, the wax will be more discreet while the occasional smoker will probably find it too powerful for the desired effect. The two most common methods of consumption are the dabbing or vaporization.

What are the main differences?

  • Dabbing requires some finesse to avoid getting hurt or damage the equipment.
  • La vaporization will be less technical and can also consume wax.
  • Dabbing may require further research on specific models based on need, preference, or other performance.

Spray or Dabber?

Spray seems the most popular way to consume wax. Not to mention the wide variety of predisposed material: (types of bottles, accessories, coils, wide range of temperature settings, and also the convenience factor of having a pen or wax pen in your pocket. On the other hand, the wax pen does look like an electronic cigarette.

More technically, the vaporization consists in placing the wax inside the heating chamber of the vault which will heat the wax according to the chosen temperature. The main difference with vaping is that you add the wax and start heating it inside the vault before consuming it. In-depth research between different brands will be needed to define the material that will be preferred. In addition, it would be unfortunate to buy something that might be too complicated to use.

The dabbing in the details

Unlike vaporization, dabbing involves heating the area where wax is placed first. Often, the heating is done with the torch or with electric nails which make it possible to avoid the risks related to the handling of the torch.

Nail is the distribution system of the wax. Once the zone has been heated to the optimum temperature for consumption, the waxy "nail" is deposited on the hot zone. It should be noted that regardless of the type of heat used, it must be ensured that the part containing the nail is extremely hot to melt the wax.

Again, when you buy, it will be better to study finely what will be the expectation and need. However, if using a torch, it will be essential that the wax has reached the appropriate temperature. If handling the torch worries you then it will be necessary to think of another type of material.

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One or the other, what to remember ...

There is no single answer and the choice is unique to everyone. However, in view of the main differences enumerated above, it is necessary to be able to determine its need and preference.

The material for the vaporization is extremely versatile and more discreet. Dabbing will require more technicality. Nobody wants to buy equipment to find out that they need an engineering degree to make it work. Using equipment with seasoned consumers can serve as an experiment before making a choice.

Whatever the method chosen, dabbing and vaping are two methods of consuming wax. It should be remembered that wax is much more concentrated especially in THC and is much more powerful than other products on the market.

Both methods are the favorites of the cannabis community around the world. Find the best concentrated vaporizers on Namaste vapes.

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