Dabber of the Wax in a vaporizer pen

A wax liquefier can consume Shatter Wax in your vape pen

As concentrates gain in popularity, new ways to prepare and consume them exist. One of these is the use of vaporizers. This allows you to get a uniformly measured dose. But concentrates, extractions take many forms and many of them cannot be used in a vapor pen. A directly usable liquid form can be expensive and sometimes more difficult to find. This is where a new product can change everything, a wax liquefier. It allows you to liquefy your Shatter Wax for your vape pen, so you can dab discreetly, on the go.

liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax

Dabs in your Vape Pen

liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax

Ce wax liquefier won the prize 420 Pony Product of the Year for 2016. Usually when herbal oil or concentrates are added to vape mixes, the vape juice will separate into layers. This is not the case with this solution. It allows you to create an E-juice that is sweet. Which gives you the best vaping experience possible. The process of liquefying wax and other concentrates is incredibly quick and easy. But this does not compromise or affect the quality of the extraction. In fact, it is even sweeter and tastier before it undergoes liquefaction.

liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax

Other benefits of using the Wax Liquidizer

One of the benefits of a vape pen is that you can smoke anywhere you want and get around non-smoking laws… This is also the case when you use wax and other concentrates in your vapor pen. You can choose the flavor and settings you like and smoke anywhere you like ...

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Which makes your smoking experience smoother and more discreet. This wax liquidifier comes in a small container, which makes it perfect for travel. It only takes a few seconds to work your vape. Overall, it opens up the options for consuming concentrates and using your wax in a creative and portable way.

What does this wax liquefier include?

liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax
Different flavors to mask ... the smell

The ingredients for the wax liquidator are not found on its official website, but according to Dabs Mag who contacted the manufacturer, the compound is made up of:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) and its derivatives, PEG200 and PEG400.
  • All of these ingredients are classified as "Generally Recognized as Safe" (GRAS) by the FDA and are "used in many food, medical and baby products".
  • Propylene glycols are generally used to make liquid nicotine and liquid hash for steam pens. They are also a source ingredient used to make injectable and topical medications from diazepam and lorazepam.

There are many reasons to use a vaporizer instead of smoking. The first is obvious, its portability. Using a vape pen is much easier and more portable than having to get rid of alternative ways of smoking wax. The smell is disguised and it allows to frequent all the places where one can smoke.

liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax

But that's not the only advantage. It is much healthier to vape than to smoke. Vape involves heating Shatter Wax to the point of turning active ingredients, such as THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, into vapor. The alternative is to heat the wax and smoke it.

A cleaner "High"

The problem with burning cannabis is that it creates carcinogens. Smoke also tends to contain a number of harmful toxins that can irritate the body, especially the lungs. Vaping warms the product up in a way that reduces carbon monoxide intake and increases the intake of active compounds, like THC, that you actually want to ingest.

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liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax

The result is a smooth and very powerful climb. And much healthier and cleaner than mixed with tobacco. But that still offers an instant level of pleasure ...

Overview of Benefits

liquefier, vape pen, dabber, Wax, Shatter Wax

Which brings us to a glimpse of the benefits of vaping your Shatter Wax using a wax liquefier.

  • First of all, it's fast. It only takes a few seconds to liquefy your wax and make it usable in a vapor pen.
  • It's extremely discreet and very portable. The flavors allow you to smoke anywhere, so not detected ...
  • This will save you a lot of money, a lot of money ...
  • The result is smooth and tasty. It will not separate in layers when the herbal concentrate is added. The flavors make the product even more pleasant to steam.
  • It is healthier than smoking. In addition, it is free of nicotine and vegetable glycerin.
  • It will work great in any vapor pen whether it is an atomizer or a tankomizer.
  • It contains ingredients that are approved by the FDA and are safe for consumption.
  • Vaping makes the best use of your Shatter Wax because it heats enough to get the purest THC dose of your product.

A vape pen is a much more logical solution to consuming concentrates outdoors. With a product like Wax Liquefier, this task becomes even easier as it allows you to instantly turn your high quality concentrates into e-liquid. It's no wonder that 420 Pony has announced Wax Liquidizer as the winner of its 2016 award. It's a revolutionary product for those of us who appreciate concentrates. It will save you time, money, risk and, on top of all that, it is very good for your health.

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