The 710 National Dab Day - OIL DAY

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What is the 710 and how is it celebrated?

710 is the slang term used to describe and celebrate cannabis concentrates, similar to how the 420 is used. If you flip the digits 710 backwards, you get "OIL", the term often used to refer to extractions. Cannabis oil can be consumed using pre-filled cartridges to vape pens or in harder variants, such as wax, shatter, crumble or live resin / diamonds used for the dabbing. So while 420 is used to celebrate all things cannabis and cannabis cultivation, the 710 is aimed more at those consumers who value cannabis concentrates the most in their lifestyle.

Who invented the 710?

As with most things in weed cultivation, there is no way to know for sure who coined the term 710 and applied it to marijuana concentrates. The boom in cannabis oil and other concentrates has only happened in recent years.

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The 420 has been celebrated for decades while the 710 is much newer

710 is affectionately referred to as National Dab Day by stoners and is celebrated on July 10 (7/10) of each year. So when July 10th arrives, it's a celebration for dab and vape lovers galore. The intersection of advanced technology and cannabis meets to give concentrates ever-increasing popularity.

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The difference between dabbing and a joint

Dabbing is a quick way to get high really quickly. It only takes a second or two, and during that time a substantial amount of THC and other cannabinoids can be inhaled.

Instead of spending 5 or 10 minutes slowly relaxing and enjoying a joint or a vape, the entire dab process is compressed into a short process. It's a quick way to get high. Some people claim that the intensity and enjoyment of cannabis is enhanced.

In addition to being used for dabbing, concentrates are also easy to incorporate into edible products. It's another huge growing market. Dabbing is here to stay because concentrates have become an irreplaceable part of the modern cannabis industry.

Precautions for use

The main advice for anyone interested in dabbing, or cannabis concentrates, is to conduct thorough research and make safety your only priority when making cannabis concentrates. Using flammable solvents to produce cannabis concentrates is perfectly safe when done professionally. Doing a solvent extraction indoors and without safety equipment / training can be a disaster. Perhaps the safest way to start is to consider doing a ice-hash extraction .

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Solvents such as ethanol can be used to produce these concentrates, as can carbon dioxide, butane and various other liquid / gaseous solvents. These concentrates can have a glassy appearance, or they can be a dark opaque liquid oil depending on the extraction process used. But they all generally contain high levels (> 50% +) of cannabinoids. This makes them considerably more potent than cannabis buds.

Smoking dabs can have dire consequences, and dabbing can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Read our article on precautions to take before dabbing.

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