Cumulate Medical & Homegrow in Oregon

"Can I stack six medical cannabis plants and grow four plants at home?" "

  The Answer is "Yes", as long as the person is over 21 years old. The Oregon Department of Justice issued a notes on the intersection of laws that govern Oregon's medical and recreational marijuana programs…

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In summary, a cannabis patient in Oregon may have:

  • 6 mature medical marijuana plants (limit per patient)
  • 4 Recreational Marijuana Plants (per household)

Thus, the limits being:

  • Approximately 680 grams of medical marijuana per patient
  • and about 227 grams of marijuana per household

Oregon, Homegrow

Obviously there is a fundamental difference between an average user and a patient who is supplied by approved producers. Thus, the classic marijuana user can only rely on its production at home.

In addition,e public may only possess:

  • 4 marijuana plants for leisure, at home
  • about 227 grams of recreational marijuana per household
  • 28 grams allowed in the public square
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The note also concludes that the controlled substance limits in Oregon are also applicable for concentrates and cannabis extracts.

Oregon, Homegrow

However, patients and the public must respect the following limitations:

  • about 454 grams of products concentrated in marijuana
  • 2 liters of liquids containing marijuana
  • 28 grams of marijuana extract purchased from an authorized retailer or dispensary.

Although the public is allowed to create their own concentrate of marijuana, edibles or other cannabinoid products for personal consumption. But it is illegal to create your own extracts (extraction, Dab etc.) without a license issued by "Oregon Liquor Control Commission" or "Oregon Health Authority". The full note is available here

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