Possibility of culture for medical use in Ireland

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Irish Health Minister Urges Farmers in Difficulty to Grow Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Irish Health Minister Simon Harris has suggested that Irish farmers could supply cannabis for medical purposes. Currently farming in Ireland is suffering economic damage, growing cannabis would be a long term solution.

Irish medical cannabis

The Irish Farmers' Association told that she was ready to meet Irish Health Minister Simon Harris to comment on the possibility of Irish farmers growing cannabis for medical purposes.

Two years ago, the Irish government announced a cannabis supply program for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. But also to people suffering from nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. So only people with severe epilepsy. Especially those that are refractory and resistant to "traditional" treatment.

However, the implementation of the scheme has been delayed. The Irish government is striving to obtain a supplier outside the country whose quality is guaranteed and who will export to Ireland.

Minister pushing for legalization

"It's a top priority for me and I really want to see it coming in 2019."
Simon harris

The minister added that it seems "reasonable to do" for Ireland to increase its own supply; a suggestion to which the IFA declared itself open. Because Irish farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to make a profit.

The problem is similar to what is happening in the Reunion Island. The economic opportunity did not escape the Minister of Health.

"I think this could be an opportunity for Irish farmers in due course," he continued.

The Minister of Health recalls, however, that his motivation does not concern recreational use but "controlled and supervised use, with the support of the practitioner".

The availability of medical cannabis in Ireland would concern about more than 598,000 patients. In addition, 81% of Irish support medical legalization of cannabis ...

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