Organic farming: here are 3 cheap products to upgrade your plants

organic growing here are 3 cheap products to upgrade your plants

For the fertilization of the garden one can easily create organic fertilizers thanks to the reuse of household waste.

No need to buy expensive materials from stores. Here are three free organic fertilizer solutions to save the planet. In stores, several professional growth fertilizer solutions are tested and adapted to the cultivation of cannabis, but to fertilize your vegetable garden exposed to the open air, why not use composting: fertilizer produces natural food scraps and organic waste. Many garden growers today grow their plants in a small living space and not everyone has space for a compost pile. A good alternative comes to you in an unexplored place in your home: the kitchen trash can.

Organic culture

Here are three materials, straight out of the garbage, that will help you improve the quality of your land and grow strong, healthy plants.

1. Egg shells

Organic culture

Gather your eggshell crumbs, rinse them thoroughly in hot water, let dry for a few days then mix them in the soil will improve the drainage capacity of the soil and secrete calcium which helps protect your plants mold during growth and flowering.

2. Ground coffee

Organic culture

Ground coffee is an excellent and long-lasting source of nitrogen (N), which is one of the essential elements for plant health. The growers' recommendation is to mix the irrigation water: 2 cups of ground coffee in twenty liters of water and leave the mixture immersed overnight. Coffee can be added directly to the soil but it is important to be careful not to overdo the amount so as not to alter the pH level of the soil, which could damage the plants and lead to death. Be careful not to use instant coffee.

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3. Banana skins

Organic culture

Banana peels are considered to be particularly rich in nutrients, especially calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphate, potassium, and sodium. Banana peels should be added directly to the soil, but it is important to cut them into small pieces as much as possible to speed up the dissolution and excretion of nutrients in the soil.

For those in charge of French agronomic research, these agro-ecological practices promote new agricultural techniques and greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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