Aquaponics of marijuana

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Schools of fish to grow cannabis

Aquaponics uses a fascinating combination of aquaculture and classic hydroponics to create a harmonious relationship and incredible results. Aquaponics uses schools of fish, here to grow marijuana on a large scale, a unique venture of its kind.

Origins of aquaponics

The word "aquaponics" is a contraction of "aquaculture" (aquaculture in the aquatic environment: fish, crustaceans, shellfish) and "hydroponics" (cultivation of aboveground plants on water). Aquaponics is therefore the cultivation of fish and plants together in a closed circuit ecosystem, using natural bacterial cycles to turn fish waste into nutrients for plants.

Principle of aquaponic tanks

Different forms of aquaponics have been used since ancient times, (perhaps not always consciously), including in Mesoamerican chinampas.

Modeling of a Mesoamerican Chinampa

But it was in the nineteenth century in China that it served (consciously) to grow rice fields. Chinese farmers have allowed the Peking ducks to stay in the water of the rice fields, so that they increase in volume.

The aquaponic rice fields in China, still on their feet

Indeed, ducks eat insects and small fish, and these same fish eat the dung ... Fish excrements are themselves broken down by the bacteria in the water, and absorbed by the rice fields which in the end offers a wheel natural ecological.

Aquaponic greenhouse in Quebec

Aquaponics is still practiced in Asia. It is the subject of renewed interest in the West, in particular to feed isolated populations (in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon) and is being tested within concepts of urban agriculture.

Portable aquaponics farm ...

Aquaponic Cannabis

Today aquaponics is much more technological (advanced) than their predecessors and in "closed circuit". The systems provide very little interference from outside sources, and when combined properly, fish and plants participate in a symbiotic coexistence that ultimately provides ganja of a certain quality.


Warren Bravo is the co-owner and CEO of Green Relief, the only company licensed in Canada as a medical marijuana producer using aquaponics.


"In our plant we have tanks of 3030 liters of tilapia, in a closed circuit, with recirculation of the ecosystem. We feed our fish, and the fish create a solid waste through which a microbial transformation turns them into nitrates "

Warren goes on to add that the water is then distributed to the beds of the plants, where the roots feed on nitrate and water. Then the water returns to the fish tank, without the toxic substances that could affect the health of the fish.


Although this complex system is a very expensive way to start a cannabis crop (including state-of-the-art equipment, and fish farming), it provides long-term, high pay. This is the reason why this system is quite unique.

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Sustainable agriculture

Aquaponics is absolutely more expensive than a traditional crop in normal soil, but here we can talk about sustainable agriculture. Warren points out that they would have invested the modest sum of 400 000 dollar just in aquaponics equipment, aquaponics does not use fertilizer. Warren points out that traditional farmers would only spend 10 at 15% on fertilizer from his overall annual budget.


The advantage of grown marijuana in a "scientific" pool, is that aquaponic producers end up with two marketable products, high quality cannabis and delicious fish ^^

Tilapia (from Mozambique)

“When my fish reach 1kg, I sell my fertilizer plants as I call them (his cannabis), and I recoup my costs for labor as well as fish food. "

Tilapia is a "rich fish" and the demand is strong. Even though the aquaponics system requires space and a comfortable life, if not already for aquatic life, the marijuana that is spring is of high quality.

"Our tanks are overcrowded, happy fish make happy plants"


Aquaponics clearly comes a long way since the beginning of human history. Remember the day you smoke Bubble Berry, that it really uses real bubbles to be born, with the help of fish ^^

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