Growth of the medical Ganja industry in Jamaica
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The employment rate in Jamaica has risen slightly in recent years as a result of the booming commercial sector. Another growing sector has quietly created new career opportunities and brings a new push for the country's economy.

Recruitment of the best talents

You do not need to know all the attractions of the plant to work in the medical ganja industry.

Scheril Murray Powell, lawyer and cannabis entrepreneur

"As the industry matures, quality and standards will become increasingly important, and there will be ancillary opportunities for accountants, marketers, physicians, computer specialists and lawyers. "

said Scheril Murray Powell, lawyer and cannabis entrepreneur in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper.

The roles of plant pickers in demand are: the director of production, the master farmer, the growers and the bud samplers. Given the technical nature of culture and transformation, prospective employees with a scientific background have an advantage in finding a job.

"Companies are looking for farmers with applied science backgrounds"

said Dr. Machel Emanuel, a horticulturist and senior researcher at Life Science Cannabis Research Group University of the West Indies, Mona.

"Today, cannabis culture is different from traditional culture. You need this technical expertise. "

He added: "Biotechnology is also in demand for the extraction process, and analytical chemists are needed to establish chemical profiles. "

Increased opportunities

The increase in career opportunities is a global trend. US-based US-based research firm New Frontier Data says that by 2020, the industry is expected to create 250 000 new jobs, while jobs in other sectors such as manufacturing and government will decline in this country. Job search application also reported an increase in 445% of the number of jobs in marijuana companies in 2017, and average wages in the industry increased by 16,8% between 2017 and 2018.

The cannabis industry is also creating an ecosystem with increased commercial activity. Ancillary businesses such as monitoring, safety and greenhouse technology companies have all benefited from the regulated industry.

A local ganja company can easily spend up to 1 million dollars a month for a 24 24 day care service to meet regulatory requirements. 24-hour video surveillance is another regulatory mandate that allows ganja companies to manage millions of dollars in installation costs.

There has also been the emergence of local consulting firms offering their services to navigate the tedious filing process on behalf of investors.

"It also creates a whole new field of medicine where doctors can recommend cannabis treatment," Powell added.

"This generates additional revenue for physicians who recommend their patients because they will see the patient several times a year, rather than once for an annual check-up.

While job opportunities are excellent, Murray Powell said it's also important for Jamaicans to be entrepreneurial. That's exactly what she did when she trained Canna Head Hunters, a job hiring company for cannabis companies, as well as Green Sustainable Strong, a consulting company in agriculture and cannabis.

"It's very important to seize business opportunities, otherwise all we have is a plantation type industry," said Powell.

As the local marijuana industry takes shape and things get established, Murray Powell shared this advice with companies that are currently recruiting talent.

"This industry has been built on the backs of activists, patients and Rastafari, and these people should be incorporated into your recruitment plans. This will allow you to be accountable and keep your feet on the ground, "she said.

"We must respect the plant and the first pioneers. If you focus solely on the business side, you have a short-term vision. "

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