Cannabis and coronavirus: here's what you need to know

How cannabis users can stay healthy from coronavirus

Global concern about the coronavirus known as COVID-19 means that many people are taking precautions not to get the virus. Here's what we know about cannabis and this new coronavirus.

Are tobacco smokers more easily affected by coronavirus?

If smoking is bad for your health, the consequences of smoking could be even less gratifying for the coronavirus. According to figures released this week by the Alliance Against Tobacco, cigarettes are indeed responsible for worsening the disease. To reach this conclusion, the Alliance Against Tobacco based on a study published last weekend in The New England Journal of Medicine, based on nearly 1.100 patients with Covid-19 in China. According to the association, the data "show a link between smoking status and the risk of presenting a severe form" of the coronavirus.

COVID-19, coronavirus

Stop rotating joints and bongs while the coronavirus is spreading

The blowing and passing customs that surround cannabis are among the plant's greatest pleasures. But passing a seal is a good way to spread any virus, including COVID-19. For now, settle for your own stash and gift to your friends if needed.

COVID-19, coronavirus

Wash your hands frequently

This cannot be overstated. Thorough hand washing really, really, really helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, along with other illnesses. Before sitting down for a session or snacking, be sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds.

COVID-19, coronavirus

Don't buy unproven coronavirus remedies

Given the general hype around CBD, expect to hear some outlandish claims about its effects on the coronavirus, most likely spread through social media. These claims are false. There is no solid research on CBD and the coronavirus.

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Be careful with cannabis around COVID-19

Smoking weed when you have a virus: Not such a good idea. Any form of irritation or acute damage caused by inhaling smoke may increase susceptibility to infections. This means that heavy or prolonged smoking increases the risk of catching colds, flu, etc. Here is what experts say has a lot of useful advice on incorporating cannabis (or not) into treating and recovering from a normal flu. Yes, THC and CBD have properties analgesics, sleeping pills and anti-inflammatories.

But inhaling hot smoke is the last thing your lungs need to fight a cold or the flu. Do your research before treating yourself.

COVID-19, coronavirus

Take precautions for physical contact with other people

Stop shaking hands. A wave of the hand or a friendly greeting helps everyone. You don't need to be locked in a panicked room, but be mindful of your interactions with other people and with public surfaces when you're on the move.

Leave masks for sick patients and caregivers

Health organizations are clear about this: The masks are intended to prevent already infected patients from spreading the virus and to protect healthcare professionals working in high-risk environments. Frequent hand washing is much more effective than wearing a mask.

Be alert to the symptoms of COVID-19

Don't overcrowd emergencies other than a simple cold, but get tested if you meet the criteria for COVID-19 symptoms. These criteria are as follows

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient, or have recently traveled to an area where spread is in progress.
  • Note: The definition of "continuously spreading area" changes almost hourly, and this symptom list item becomes less important as the virus is recognized as existing in local communities.

Have a self-quarantine plan

At this point, we're talking about a spectrum, ranging from choosing a work-from-home option (if you're lucky enough to have that choice) to a full home quarantine. The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has a recommendations page for those traveling or staying at home with a suspected case of COVID-19.

COVID-19, coronavirus

Are bong condoms really effective?

Absolutely! Get one of these silicone rubber mouthpieces, an embarrassingly shaped device that fits over the mouth of a bong or dab rig for hygienic inhalation. Others prefer carbon filters active or mouthpieces closed.

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Note: Most viral transmission is through the hands. If you are so adept with your lips, you should be careful with your fingers, which are holding a bong or vape that many others have also been holding recently. I'm just saying it like that.

COVID-19, coronavirus

Will this affect the supply of cannabis products?

As all legal cannabis products are produced in the state in which they are sold, industry experts do not expect an actual cannabis shortage due to the slowdown in imports.

This is not to say that there will not be shortages or supply disruptions for certain products. Most of wholesale vape batteries and cartridges are made in China. These supply chains have already experienced slowdowns and disruptions due to quarantines that have impacted China's manufacturing sector.

The United States imports approximately 30 million Chinese vape pens and cartridges each month. Most shipments have ceased due to the annual Chinese New Year shutdown in mid-January and have not fully resumed due to the coronavirus.

"A supply shortage is going to occur in the coming weeks and will persist for months," said Dan Fung, CEO of American Made Vapes. “The prices will go up. Shortages of packaging and vape pens could arise ”.

Much of the packaging material used by cannabis companies is also made by food manufacturers.

The development of new cannabis-related products could also be slowed, as designers and manufacturers cannot rely on a regular supply of wholesale products and materials from China at this time.

Will this affect 4/20 events?

The likely answer is yes. The organizers of the 4/20 celebrations, which are now less than six weeks away, are already studying the impact a larger outbreak of COVID-19 could have on their events. The coronavirus epidemic could further accelerate this change in ways that are difficult to predict at the moment.

What about legalization campaigns?

If COVID-19 spreads to more cities, we could see more cancellations of major events, rallies and festivals. Large shopping malls and shopping areas could experience a drop in foot traffic. This could affect the ability of signature collectors to accumulate enough names to qualify legalization initiatives within a given time frame.

Prevent the spread of coronavirus. When it comes to health, it's normal to want the best for yourself and your family. Check out the latest information provided by the French Government to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

source: Leafly

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