Costa Rica: President proposes hemp cultivation as an economic measure


Carlos Alvarado proposes to legalize production for medicinal purposes

President Carlos Alvarado opened the door to further legalization on Monday and announced that the government will promote the cultivation of hemp as a measure to revive the economy. This was stated by Mr. Alvarado in his work report presented to deputies, in the section devoted to the recovery from the pandemic of Covid-19, where he announced certain measures. Still in the productive order, Alvarado announced that it would support "the cultivation of hemp to reactivate the productive sector, with all the guarantees and security of business". A proposal to cultivate hemp already exists in the legislative current, presented by the deputy Zoila Volio.

"We will promote the cultivation of hemp to revive the productive sector, with all the guarantees and security of the business," were the words of the president.

It is an initiative proposed by the deputy Zoila Rosa Volio, of the National Integration Party (PIN), which is treated from this Monday under the file 21.315 in the current legislature Concerning his project, Volio has claimed that it would "improve the quality of life" for many people, whose illnesses can be treated with these previously prohibited remedies.

In his annual speech to Congress, Alvarado said the measure would allow the production of organic hemp without THC, also prohibited by law, under controlled conditions. Hemp belongs to the cannabis sativa L family, but they are two different plants. In addition, it has been cultivated and selected to obtain raw materials such as seeds, fibers and oils; that is, it is used for the food industry and others like textiles. The latter can be beneficial in the fight against environmental damage, as it can function as a renewable source for ecology.

Although Carlos Alvarado said so, he also said details will be released soon. "The government's economic team will present the details of these and other initiatives this week and will offer measures to recover 701000 million ¢ from the budget deficit. "

Carlos Alvarado even assures that he will reduce his salary by 10%, close “certain decentralized bodies” and encourage the cultivation of hemp to reactivate the productive sector

The proposal, stemming from an initiative presented in 2019 by an independent legislator: Rosa Volio, should begin to be discussed in the coming months in the Assembly, where the Alvarado party only has 17% of the seats, although the project was well received by the opposition.

The text proposes that the state regulate the production and private marketing of cannabis extracts. Authorities are forecasting a 3,6% drop in local gross domestic product (GDP) this year due to the ravages of the spread of the virus, which has so far infected 742 people in the country and killed six people.

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