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The composition of the average basket highlights the purchasing trends of consumers in 2020

According to an analysis of the makeup of customer baskets for 2020, many adult marijuana users prefer to stick to one type of product, such as the flower or the pencils, when they are at the store, rather than to bring home a variety of cannabis products.

Understanding the buying habits of marijuana consumers can help retailers and manufacturers improve their merchandising and marketing efforts.

average cannabis basket statistics
average cannabis basket statistics

Basket data from retailers in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington state provided by Seattle-based cannabis analysis firm Headset showed that 67% of baskets containing a flower contained no other type of marijuana product.

Buyers of pre-rollers, concentrates and quill pens were also particularly loyal to a single category: 50% or more of baskets in this category contained only these items.

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In contrast, baskets containing drinks more often than not contained other products, with only 22,5% of baskets containing only drinks.

While the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the industry in 2020, analysis of the same kind of data in January 2021 shows that the general trends have not changed significantly with the start of the new year, highlighting some consumer trends municipalities that drive the market for products for adult use.

When consumers bought other products, they were the most likely to buy (primary category: secondary categories):

  • Drinks: Edibles, flowers
  • Capsules: Edibles, flowers
  • Concentrates: Flower, pre-rolled
  • Edibles: Flower, pre-rolls
  • Flowers: Pre-rollers, vape pens
  • Pre-rollers: Flower, vape pens
  • Tinctures and sublinguals: Edibles, flower
  • Topical products: Edibles, flowers
  • Vape pens: Flowers, pre-rolled

Knowing that consumers who buy topicals and tinctures are more likely to buy edibles, retailers have the option to match these products or have special offers that combine categories.

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Retailers can also use educational marketing and events to help educate buyers - such as those who only buy flowers or pre-rolls - about the benefits of other products.

Even manufacturers can benefit from careful consideration of basket makeup and buying trends, as expanding a brand into a new category is much easier when those buyers are already buying those products.

DrinkscapsulesConcentratesPre-rolledFlowerPre-rolledDyesTopicalsVape pens
Vape pens16.2%17.3%

Purchasing patterns of adult marijuana consumers at from 2020 data on retail in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington supplied by Headset. The total of the categories does not reach 100%.

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