Consequence of the war with Russia: Ukraine wants to speed up the establishment of industry

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported the draft law on the regulation of the circulation of cannabis plants for medical, industrial and scientific purposes

Ukraine, which is already considered quite permissive when it comes to cannabis use, wants to advance a law Project concerning medical cannabis in order to allow the establishment of a legal industry for therapeutic use. According to the Minister of Health, this decision could make life easier for many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, particularly in the context of the war with Russia.

Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Lyashko announced yesterday (Tuesday) that the Ukrainian government supported the draft law supposed to lead to the creation of a medical cannabis industry in the country, among other things in the context of the war with Russia.

This is a bill that was submitted to the Ukrainian parliament in June 2021, but has not yet been able to be voted on, due, among other things, to the outbreak of war with Russia. But now, a large part of the population thinks that it is exactly the moment to push forward the legislation.

We understand the negative effects of war on mental health,” said écrit Liashko in a Facebook post. “We understand the number of people who will need medical attention due to this exposure and also understand that there is no time to wait. »

He said, to the opponents of this decision and trying to prevent it by comparing medical cannabis to recreational cannabis, that the bill is only intended to provide medical treatment to people who are going to need it and that there is no has more time to waste.

According to the Minister, the project should make it possible to broaden patient access to a range of indications such as cancers, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), neurological diseases and chronic pain.

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Indeed, Ukrainians have recently been exposed to psychological distress as a result of the conflict and, according to a report by Forbes, experts warn that the war has already caused enormous psychological trauma, especially among children, young people and old people.

According to the plan, the Ukrainian government will issue eligible companies with licenses to cultivate, manufacture and sell medical cannabis products and establish a government monitoring system to monitor the stages of product distribution.

Cannabis licenses will be provided electronically and a central executive body will be created to monitor THC percentages in products through lab testing.

According to the proposal, which concerns only medical cannabis, three groups of cannabis plants will be defined, according to their THC content: Industrial hemp (0,2% or less THC), “poor” medical cannabis (between 0,2 ,1% and 1% THC) And “strong” medical cannabis (more than XNUMX% THC).

In addition, the bill provides for different conditions and requirements for cultivation, depending on the type of cannabis plant. Thus, for example, the cultivation of cannabis with a low THC content will be possible both in open ground and in closed ground (indoor), while the cultivation of cannabis plants rich in THC will only be possible in closed ground.

As we published earlier this year with the start of the war, cannabis laws in Ukraine are quite permissive and, in fact, the country has a policy of non-discrimination not only on self-consumption, but even on home cultivation of a plant with a limited amount. flowers.

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For example, in the country, the cultivation of cannabis for personal use (a plant with 10 flowers) is considered an administrative offense, for which the penalty is a fine between 9 euros and 53 euros. Possession of less than 5 grams of cannabis is not subject to any procedure and according to various sources in the country, it is planned to increase this quantity to 10 grams.

Ukraine, which was part of the USSR, was also one of the largest hemp producers in Europe among other productions such as oil, wheat and fibers.

The Council of Ministers supported the draft law "On the regulation of the circulation of cannabis plants for medical, industrial, scientific and scientific-technical purposes in order to create the conditions for expanding patient access to the necessary cancer treatment and post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the war”

“We understand the negative effects of war on mental health. We are aware of the number of people who will need help and medical care as a result of exposure to the trauma of war. There is no time to lose, therefore, we have already prepared a legislative basis to guarantee the full cycle of cannabis production in Ukraine, ie from cultivation to processing. »

Communication campaigns against cannabis production deliberately equate cannabis-based drugs with illicit cannabis in order to undermine its value as a medicine and discredit the very idea of ​​its use for medical purposes. In fact, cannabis-based drugs are not “competitors” with drugs, and the measures aimed at regulating their circulation are quite different.

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