Convictions for suppliers of fertilizers and liquid fertilizers

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The French Competition Authority condemns the sector of marketing liquid fertilizers dedicated to domestic or above-ground cultivation.

Following a public decision of the December 20, Canna France, Plagron Biobizz GHE, Indoor Culture and IndoorGardens are sentenced to heavy fines. The purpose of their maneuver was to boost the margins of resellers, wholesalers, and stores via a vertical price agreement from 2010 ...

The field of liquid fertilizers well known to cannabis, undermined by administrative sanctions

The Competition Authority has condemned the well-known cannabis companies Canna, Bertels (Plagron), Biobizz, GHE, CIS (Indoor Culture) and Hydro Factory (Indoorgardens) for vertical price agreements between 2010 and 2013.

According to the competition authority, these companies have "caused damage to the economy", by fixing the prices (to the public) of their products. In addition, the precise period varies according to the companies concerned.

This vertical agreement on prices between manufacturers and stores has not gone unnoticed by the authorities and consumers ... Following these multiple convictions, surveillance measures have been put in place against what represents in France 55% of the liquid fertilizer and fertilizer market…

Reduction of the fine for the most fragile societies

However, the authorities have calculated levels of financial sanctions, taking into account the financial difficulties of certain companies; like Hydro Factory / Hydro Logistique (IndoorGardens power station). The initial fine was over € 200, and they got a reduction of over 000%…

The penalties imposed

The passionate group Hortinews conducted the survey of manufacturers and stores. As an example, the manufacturer like Canna France was fined € 152. In addition, Culture Indoor (CIS) has announced that it is already appealing against a fine of € 000. In all, the sanctions against these manufacturers, resellers and wholesalers amount to € 107.

This public decision 20 December 2018 creates a lot of rumors, most unfounded. But, for the French consumer, it will benefit very soon from competitive prices. And, according to the administrative procedure in this kind of case ...

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