Informed Choice: Comparison of the 3 Main Types of Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

indoor culture

Key Differences in Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Let’s break down the nuances between the three main cultivation facilities used in the medical cannabis industry. How do these choices, namely indoor crops, modernized classic greenhouses and integrated greenhouses, impact the cultivation process, from the establishment phase to final production?

In the early days of the medical cannabis industry, “classic” greenhouses were the norm, evoking the traditional image of agricultural greenhouses. However, with the evolution of the industry and increasing compliance standards, these greenhouses have undergone substantial improvements in operation, control and monitoring, now distinguishing themselves in sophistication compared to conventional greenhouses.

Simultaneously, new companies emerged, favoring indoor growing (“indoor”) or in integrated greenhouses, also called “hybrid”. Let’s take a look at the basic differences between these three types of medical cannabis cultivation facilities.

Differences between Indoor Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Indoor Culture

medical grade cannabis growing
medical grade cannabis growing

Culture of cannabis in a fully enclosed facility, in airtight rooms, relying exclusively on lighting and artificial environmental conditions. This type of growth is characterized by intensive use of technological equipment and high levels of sanitation and control.


  • Complete control of growing conditions.
  • Clean final product without the need for pesticides.
  • High growth rate with up to 6 cycles per year.


  • High construction and operating costs.
  • Strong environmental footprint.
  • Pest insulation challenge.

Modernized Classic Greenhouse Cultivation

classic modernized greenhouse
classic modernized greenhouse

A greenhouse reminiscent of the well-known classic agricultural greenhouses, but much more sophisticated, equipped with sensors, technological means and additional lighting, and strict control of growing conditions.


  • Exposure to full sun for an extended chemical profile.
  • Lower construction and operating costs.
  • Low environmental footprint compared to indoor.


  • Less precise control of growing conditions.
  • Potential need for pesticides for clean cultivation.

Integrated/Hybrid Cultivation

aurora medicine indoor
aurora medicine indoor

A cultivation facility usually made of rigid, waterproof walls, with the upper part made of glass or alternative lighter materials such as polycarbonate, which allow transparency to sunlight, but at the same time also the use of lighting artificial. . As the name suggests, this is a facility that combines indoor growing and greenhouse growing.


  • Full sun for a rich chemical composition.
  • Close control of growing conditions.
  • Accelerated growth rate with several cycles per year.


  • Higher construction and operating costs.
  • Pest sealing challenge.

Each type of installation has specific advantages, but also unique challenges. An “indoor” installation offers optimal control but at a high cost, while a modernized classic greenhouse allows savings but with compromises on control. THE integrated greenhouses seek to combine the best of both worlds, but this requires careful management to maintain ideal conditions throughout the year.

The future of medical cannabis cultivation lies in fully understanding these different methods and their implications. The choice between indoor cultivation, modernized classic greenhouse or integrated greenhouse depends on the specific objectives of each grower, but it is a crucial choice to ensure quality medical cannabis production that is environmentally friendly and complies with rigorous standards Of the industry.

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