How to roll a slow combustion joint


Learn to roll a slow combustion joint

Knowing how to roll a joint is considered an art in many people. There is something special about a smooth, evenly lit seal that lasts as long as you want. Unfortunately, we do not all have the talent to ride and this task can become tedious.

There is nothing worse than sitting down to smoke, and seeing that its joint is consumed in a few seconds. So, how do you make sure that your joint will burn slowly? In this article, we explore 6 simple tips to slow down burning. Follow the guide.

Use good quality products

Making sure you use good cannabis buds is imperative. In addition, check that your grinder is also able to offer a regular cut. Be careful not to over-grind, as too fine grass, such as powder, will prevent adequate airflow and may compromise seal integrity.

Grinders come in all shapes and sizes. So be sure to choose one that will fit the capacity of your seal so you do not have to load it several times. When time is of the essence, avoid long preparations to save time on the essentials: fill the joint.

Choose wisely paper

Rolling papers of various sizes, materials, flavors and thicknesses are essential for the manufacture of slow-burning joints. By allowing more air to pass through, thinner rolling papers slow down the burning of the joint. This is probably a reason not to roll with flavored papers, as they are usually quite thick and burn faster. Cigarette papers may also be too thick to achieve the desired burn.

Rolling papers are usually made from wood pulp, hemp or rice. Although wood pulp papers are the most common, they also burn more quickly and are usually bleached, which further changes their burning rate. That said, they are a good option for beginners.

Use hash oil

The use of hash oil allows a slower combustion while increasing the effects of cannabis. Once you have finished filling your rolling paper with ground cannabis, try pouring hash oil evenly all the way through the joint. If your oil is particularly sticky, you can try spreading it along the paper like butter on toast. Whether you spread your hash oil inside or outside your joint is a matter of personal preference. Anyway, the thick and sticky consistency of hashish oil will surely slow down the time of consumption. Be careful, adding hash oil to your seal will also significantly increase its potency.

Add honey

Some cannabis lovers swear by honey: it is the ideal adhesive agent to stick the leaves on a blunt. But what about honey for a classic joint?

Because of its thick, sticky consistency, the addition of honey to a regular seal can help slow down the burning time. It can add a sweet and pleasant flavor to the seal. The essential point to add honey to your joint is moderation.

Just pour a thin line of honey on your rolling paper before adding your cannabis. Then, using your finger or a butter knife, gently spread the honey on the inside of your paper. This should leave a thin layer of honey inside your rolling paper. Then add your cannabis and roll as usual.

Another option is to roll the joint first and then wrap the outside of the joint in a thin layer of honey. Many people do this, and then wrap the sticky outer surface of their joint in kief or more finely ground cannabis. Just be careful not to spread the honey too far to avoid having it on your fingers.

Roll tight

The airflow is the central point when it comes to controlling the rate of combustion. The easiest way to control the flow of air is to roll a tight, even seal. There are many methods to get a tight roll, and even machines that do the work for you. Get help if needed because rolling a seal with a perfect seal requires practice. Just be careful not to roll your seal trop greenhouse. If your seal is too tight, it will prevent any airflow, which means you will have trouble inhaling the smoke.

Inverted for an even burn

Keep in mind that areas with overlapping paper burn more slowly than the rest of the joint. Try to roll the seams upside down to minimize this paper overlap and achieve more uniform combustion.

"Twax" the seal

"Twaxing", or adding cannabis concentrates to your joint, is a way to provide extra cannabinoids to your system while also acting as a buffering agent for rapid burns. Adding wax to the outside of your joint or in a mixture with ground cannabis will help slow the burn rate considerably.

Light the seal properly

After rolling the perfect seal, it is important to light it properly. Remember that joints do not burn like cigarettes. hold the gasket above the flame and rotate it during its ignition.

Also, while lighting, take smaller and regular puffs and do not breathe the first draw. Taking deep breaths will probably encourage a faster burn right away. When the gasket is turned on, make sure that the combustion zone is beautiful and circular.

The quality and quantity will always ensure a longer combustion. Here! Simple tips for a joint that lasts longer and burns regularly. All that remains is to start and apply these tips.

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