How to choose between growing indoor or outdoor?


Is it better to grow at home (indoor) or outdoors (outdoor)?

One of the first questions you ask yourself before you start growing cannabis is whether you are doing it at home in Indoor or outside in Outdoor. Before you decide, here are 6 important differences to reconsider. Many consumers are fed up with the high price of cannabis and decide to start their own cultivation. Many also find themselves faced with the following question: Is it better to grow at home or outdoors?

Indoor / Outdoor

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The truth is, there really isn't a definitive answer to this question, as every grower has their own unique considerations, time, budget, risks, and more. For those who are hesitant or just before you decide, here are some differences between the culture called "Indoor" and the outdoor culture known as "Outdoor".

1. Energy source

The interior requires the use of several devices (grow lights) dependent on an electrical network. Externally, we benefit from the natural sun and regular radiation (in most parts of the world) and all the necessary light energy is provided free of charge.

outdoor, culture, indoor or outdoor cultivation, indoor
Energy source

The last few years have seen positive changes in the field of grow lights and electricity consumption. For example the revolution of LED bulbs, reduces the costs of energy consumption and minimizes the environmental damage associated with the production of artificial energy.

2. First Fees

Continuing with the previous chapter, Indoor requires a relatively expensive initial purchase for “basic products” (lamps, ventilator, carbon filter, etc.) in order to ensure ideal growing conditions.

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outdoor, culture, indoor or outdoor cultivation, indoor
Grow shop

In Outdoor, the initial costs are considerably reduced since all that is needed for growth and flowering comes from nature.

3. Calendar

The maneuvering between the hours of light and dark during an internal plantation gives the grower the possibility of carrying out at least 3-4 different growth cycles during the year, while outdoors one will have to wait patiently until the seasons pass and the plants begin to bloom.

outdoor, culture, indoor or outdoor cultivation, indoor
Theoretically, you can force flowering on plants raised outdoors, this requires keeping the space dark every day, a procedure which could be very problematic for some growers. It is also possible to use cannabis strains automatic which do not bloom despite clear or dark weather but this is no doubt a serious limitation.

4. Control of growth conditions

An indoor plant benefits from a controlled environment: A room air conditioner will take care of the ideal growth temperature, a running fan will ensure the air circulation in the space, the grow lights will provide the light energy necessary for essential growth.

outdoor, culture, indoor or outdoor cultivation, indoor
Control of growth conditions

In contrast, an outdoor plant is dependent on nature and the forces of nature. Although cannabis generally thrives very well in climatic conditions in most parts of the world. Sometimes there can be certain situations which could adversely affect the growth and its development. Thus, particularly strong winds, heatwaves, downpours, hail or snow are just a few examples.

5. Care and maintenance

Cannabis is a plant that likes a lot of sun, one of the most important factors. The indoor is based on artificial lighting and therefore it is necessary to use technical different (such as SCROG, SOG, etc…) in order to manipulate its growth and ensure maximum use of light scattering in space.

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Care and maintenance

Outdoors the plant gains (in most cases) a generous amount of light that comes directly from the sun. However, the exterior may involve the treatment of " p Which are considered less frequent in indoor crops but we can say that for the most part growing cannabis outdoors requires less upkeep and maintenance.

6. Privacy and confidentiality

As long as the police continue to chase citizens who grow plants at home, Grow enthusiasts will continue to keep it as secret as possible. Home culture allows us to control and have almost complete visibility of our project. For example: reduce harmful odors with a "carbon filter" installation to neutralize odors. Or you may face issues such as light leaks and thus remain discreet.

outdoor, culture, indoor or outdoor cultivation, indoor
Privacy and confidentiality

Externally, you can reduce the risk of exposure by placing your production in an area out of sight. And in most cases it will be a public space ... Despite everything, there are always risks to expose your culture outside besides away from human eyes. Drones and company can put their nose in your private backyard.

outdoor, culture, indoor or outdoor cultivation, indoor

In conclusion, it is difficult to unequivocally establish a preferential method. As already mentioned, each producer has their own approach and personal experience. If you insist on concluding what is the best method? the penal code and the risk of exposure will be there to tip the scales. Therefore, developing preferably at home could produce more quality. And who knows maybe more quantity ...

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