The ANSM expert committee for medical cannabis

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The ANSM (National Agency for Drug Safety) expert committee is in favor of medical cannabis in France.

After long discussions between analysts, experts, and health associations; the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines) has delivered its verdict, medical cannabis is possible in France, but in its pharmaceutical form with some questions still pending ...

Medical cannabis is authorized by ANSM experts

Theorder of pharmacists we warned that therapeutic cannabis in France will not be available in its pure vegetable form. In the end, after long discussions (...), cannabis says medical done his entry in France, in its "pharmaceutical" form ...

Theevaluation of the plant is finally seen under the yoke of pharmaceutical companies. The mode of medical administration as seen by countries legalizing cannabis, will not be taken into account ... The vegetable form of cannabis (and therefore to smoke) is considered in France as toxic ...

Medical cannabis will be made available to patients in the form of capsules, tablets, and may be in a form still unknown inhalation ...

The position is clear for the committee, and as psychologist and addictologist Jean-Pierre Couteron explains:

"When we talk about therapeutic cannabis, that means that we want to come back to this cannabis plant and, instead of letting it spread in the general population, make it go through the medical circuit. that is to say, by doctors who would prescribe it to the destiny of a certain type of public which one would define pathology by pathology "

It is presumed that drugs such as Sativex, Marinol and Epidiolex will be the main favorites of this victory ... But the ANSM has also assumed a therapeutic form in the form of herbal tea, without specifying whether the flower of cannabis would be taken into account in recipe…

The outstanding questions

In addition, the expert committee did not specify which diseases will justify the use of medical cannabis in France. It is hoped that they will use the data provided by countries that have legalized the medicinal plant.

Another question, in what context will this medical cannabis be used? Who will be able to prescribe and how? It's a safe bet that this will be the business of generalists with the conditions we already know ... Hoping that cannabis will not be registered as morphine with secure orders (draconian restrictions). However, as part of pharmaceutical drugs, it will certainly be taken into account by social security.

When will it be available? We do not know if the reform will be substantial (we hope), or a simple introduction of drugs on the French market. However, patients will have to wait end 2019 to benefit from French therapeutic cannabis, which promises to be outside and already quite different from what it does in the United States ... Note that in Europe, 22 countries have legalized therapeutic cannabis and that 15 among them advocate to the patients the use of the flower of cannabis.

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