Combinations of cannabinoids and mushrooms

The Israeli company Cannabotech has imagined combining mushrooms with cannabis. A dream for some, but in reality a desire to meet medical needs.

The company is working on a line of products that not only combine compounds found in mushrooms with those in cannabis, but also change the proportions in which they are naturally present to increase their effectiveness. It appears that Cannabotech is looking to stick with non-psychedelic mushrooms for its cannabis blends, but a growing body of research shows that the psilocybin can be as effective a medicine as the medicinal herb.

“We believe that in a few years there will be no difference between cannabis growers and others who grow food,” says Elchananan Shaked, co-founder and CEO of Cannabotech.
“Each cannabis plant contains 30 to 40 active cannabinoids and several hundred cannabinoids in total. We believe that the secret to the activity of the plant lies in the cannabinoids which appear in small amounts in the plant. If you change the ratios between them and increase their concentration in the final product, you will get very high medical efficacy and unique compounds for the treatment of various diseases, ”Shaked says.

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To date, the company has developed five such products for the treatment of colon cancer, infertility, fat overloaded liver, inflammation reduction, and heart and vascular disease.

These products are awaiting clinical trials. Many patients who use cannabis swear by the plant's virtues in its natural state. For Shaked, we will have to convince these consumers: “We will use science to show them. We believe that the entire industry is moving in this direction. Today, only 1% of the population uses cannabis. We believe much larger population groups will consume special compounds scientifically validated for specific diseases. "

The compounds are developed with the help of Prof. Fuad Fares, one of the inventors of the technology used by Prolor Biotech, who developed a delayed release technology for protein-based drugs.

This technology allows medication to be injected at intervals of a week or more, rather than daily. Several companies are considering developing cannabis compounds in which the ratio of active compounds in the plant is changed.

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The special feature of Cannabotech is the inclusion of fungi. “Penicillin comes from fungi, just like chemotherapy,” Shaked says. “The benefits of mushrooms have been researched for thousands of years. Professor Solomon Wasser has been researching fungi at the University of Haifa for decades. He has immense reserves of compounds derived from fungi and he has compiled the information gathered over the years on the treatments that use them and their interactions with other ingredients. "

Another feature that sets Cannabotech apart from other medical cannabis research companies is the fact that it intends to leverage its investment through crowdfunding, rather than relying on private investors. “We believe in building the business from the bottom up, without guidance from financial market specialists,” Shaked said. “I believe in raising capital from the public. "

So far, it seems Cannabotech is looking to stick with non-psychedelic mushrooms for its cannabis blends, but more and more research shows that psilocybin can be as effective a drug as medical marijuana.

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