Colorado, the law against marijuana extraction

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Entry into force of a prohibitive law against extractions

In early July 2016, Colorado officials will try to relax the law passed last May regarding methods of extracting cannabis, successful concentrates such as HASH OIL, SHATTER or WAX.

In May the government of John Hickenlooper signed a very prohibitive law on cannabis concentrates, because they use dangerous substances mainly gas and therefore highly flammable. These restrictions apply to those who are not authorized to extract cannabis with methods considered dangerous to public health. Indeed, some home growers often use inexpensive materials to create concentrates and other cannabis derivatives.

  Colorado is one of four states in the United States that in 2012 permitted the sale and use of recreational marijuana. In 2014, organizations revealed more than 32 explosions due to the THC extraction process. Nine of them took place in Denver, the administration immediately took severe measures banning extraction methods based on dangerous substances such as butane, propane and ethyl ether.  

Although we noted in 2015, a slight decrease in this type of explosion; the state of Colorado violently followed the same restrictive laws promoted in Denver; the use of cannabis extraction is considered criminal, a law that depends on the drug investigation office, linked to the fire services ...  

The extraction of cannabis oil from butane being the most popular but also the most deadly because anyone can access this method of extraction on the internet. However without proper training on tools and ventilation systems; this kind of method can cause explosions, and therefore prove fatal… The Rocky Mountain HIDTA Investigative Support Center indicates that this type of explosion injured more than 30 people in 2014, that is to say 18 less than the previous year… The consumption of this type of product is increasing, and accidents have decreased ...  

  This year consumers bought approximately $ 4.81 million worth of products extracted from marijuana in medical centers or recreational stores. Over time people have developed many methods that include less hazardous products made from olive oil or coconut. Each manufacturing process differs slightly from one to another depending on the product, precise and safer methods must be taught ...  

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