Bill in Colorado for the treatment of autism

First legislative obstacle crossed

Bill 19-1028, sponsored by Democrat Representative Edie Hooton of Boulder and Republican Representative Kim Ransom of Lone Tree, was approved by a vote of 10 against 1 on Wednesday by the Health and Insurance Committee. This would allow autistics in Colorado to heal medical marijuana.

Parents again call on Colorado lawmakers to legalize for autism

Parents who had organized rallies for this measure have exhausted traditional methods of treatment, some with very little success.

Last June, Governor Hickenlooper vetoed the bill, in part because no pediatrician wanted to support it. A pediatrician even called it “Russian Roulette”.
This bill is now before the Colorado House of Representatives which, if passed, will allow autistic patients, even those under the age of 18, to to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with medicinal cannabisl. Patients under the age of 18 will need approval from two physicians.

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The project encourages the National Health Council, when making grants for cannabis studies, to prioritize grants aimed at collecting objective scientific research on the efficacy and safety of administering cannabis. cannabis for medical purposes for pediatric disorders, including, pervasive developmental disorders.

"What compels me to bring this bill to you is the suffering these families are going through," Hooton said. “For me, it's a question of parental rights,” said Mr. Ransom.

This is not the first time that the Colorado General Assembly has reviewed the legislation. Last year, a similar bill passed with ease.

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