Colombia: Which legalization policy?

The new Colombian president wants to end the war on drugs, can he achieve it with cannabis?

Following historic elections in Colombia, congress is expected to begin discussing the legalization of recreational cannabis. Now is the time for much-needed reform that builds on local experience and the country's natural advantages to generate decent jobs and collect taxes.

Cannabis legalization is generating expectations among Colombian cannabis producers who expect to access certifications, new markets and retail presence. In particular, it could be an alternative for cannabis companies that have already invested in the country under the assumption of huge potential markets which have not turned out to be much, given the global competition and complex regulatory requirements on destination markets.

The bill tabled by MP Gustavo Bolivar had the backing of President Gustavo Petro. "It is not a new market that is being created, but we must get people out of illegality, have a legal framework that generates taxes, promote science and provide decent jobs, this is what may be of interest the government to meet the economic challenges ahead. »

This Sunday was a historic day since the former senator became the first leftist to become president in Colombia. Gustavo Petro won the presidency after securing more than 11 million votes in the second round of elections on June 19. The new government is proposing a series of reforms to reduce the gap between rich and poor, collect taxes and create decent jobs, including the legalization of recreational cannabis.

During the ceremony, Petro alluded to the anti-narcotics policy supported financially and militarily by the United States. “The War on Drugs has claimed millions of lives in Latin America over these 40 years and claims 70000 overdose deaths in North America each year. The war on drugs has led states to commit crimes and has evaporated the horizon of democracy,” he said. declared.

In July, Colombian Senator Gustavo Bolivar introduced a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. With cannabis-friendly President Petro in office, Senator Bolívar assured that the new project will be approved.

“On July 20, we reintroduced the bill that will regulate marijuana for adult use. With our majority, we will approve it. We will stop killing each other for a plant that, in the United States, produces 25 billion dollars / year and improves the health of the consumer”, tweeted Senator Bolivar on July 6, 2022.

The objective of the new legislation is to create a regulatory framework for the cultivation, production, storage, processing, marketing and use of cannabis and its derivatives for adult use.

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