Colombia to allow export of 2 million cannabis seeds

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Will Government Actions Help Boost Trade?

Justice Minister Margarita Cabello has announced that details are being finalized to authorize the export abroad of two million cannabis seeds for medical use produced in Colombia.

Colombia cannabis seeds

The announcement was made at the end of the fourth meeting on “Safe and Informed Access to the Medical and Scientific Use of Cannabis in the National Territory”.

“For the national government and for the public entities that support the cultivation of the plant and the commercialization of its derivatives, it is very important that this industry progresses and strengthens itself. And in the midst of the health emergency that the country is going through because of covid-19, it can become a line that strengthens the economy, ”said the head of the ministry of justice.

Previously, the ministry had approved the export of 100 cannabis seeds to Denver Colorado, United States, with the participation of approximately 000 direct workers from the town of Bonda, Magdalena County. Avicanna, through its subsidiary: Santa Marta Golden Hemp, carried out the export.

Additionally, it has been stated that the Cannabis Control Tool, better known as the MICC Platform, will be available within a month. This tool is part of the innovation and modernization tasks of MinJusticia with the aim of continuing to advance in solutions that allow online licensing for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

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Minister Cabello said they “are starting to achieve important goals in terms of job creation, technology, investment in the regions and seed exports. Colombia has all the potential to be a world leader in this field ”.

It should be recalled that Khiron Life Sciences Corp, a global company specializing in cannabis, has announced an agreement for the sale and distribution of masterful formulas of medical cannabis with Locatel, one of the largest drugstore and medical equipment chains. in Colombia, which affects two million people.

More progress

The government is also working on a document (Conpes) in which the executive should define the way forward in this agro-industrial activity which, according to the projections of several experts, could exceed in the medium term the income derived from bananas or flower.

In the same event, some cannabis entrepreneurs asked other government officials for greater agility so that the financial sector, especially the agrarian bank, allows currencies to flow through these type of traditional channels as a result of transactions. or product sales. medicinal cannabis. The Agrarian Bank would have approved in 2018 the opening of accounts and lines of credit for this industry. Important advances in building trust.

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As government and private companies try to align and find the right pace of growth, investments continue to reach the regions. Several of the major production companies are completing their medical cannabis oil extraction and processing laboratories. Pharmacielo, which has its plantation and laboratory in Rionegro, is finalizing the details of a modern treatment center. Pideka, a company that grows cannabis indoors, has its laboratory in Tocancipá, one of the most modern in the world, ready, while Khiron has impressive advancements in finished products, distribution lines and scientific studies for doctors are starting to prescribe drugs of this type. components.

“The baby has grown up and is already in his teens,” said Gustavo Escobar, chief innovation officer and co-founder of Clever Leaves, another company that runs this business in Colombia.

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