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Tweed and TerraCycle Partner to Lead Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program Across Canada

Canada's best-known cannabis brand is thrilled to officially launch the Tweed x TerraCycle recycling program across Canada. Previously this was only available in certain provinces, today's announcement officially marks the launch of the first national cannabis packaging recycling program in Canada.

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Tweed and TerraCycle Partner to Offer Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program Across Canada

Tweed realized that a solution was needed for all new containers, tubes and packaging in the industry, to ensure that they were diverted from landfill and recycled to other products.

Launched in October 2018, the Tweed x TerraCycle cannabis packaging recycling program accepts all cannabis containers from all licensed producers: including cans, plastic bags, tubes and bottles with safety caps for children, which are notoriously difficult to retrain. Since its inception, the free packaging recycling program has prevented more than 165000 containers from ending up in landfills or recycling centers.

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The program is currently active in more than 106 retail outlets, including all Tweed and Tokyo Smoke stores, as well as some third-party retailers. In addition to drop-off points located at participating retail stores, consumers have the option of registering online at for the free picking and recycling of their discarded containers.

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“As a community we have come together quickly to address the sustainability concerns of our industry and I am very proud of what we have achieved so far. More than 165 containers have already been collected under the Tweed x TerraCycle program and will be melted down to make plastic granules that will be used to create new products, ”explains Hilary Black, the company's representative, on the subject. of the success of the program to date. "With the next phase of the Tweed x TerraCycle recycling program, we are excited to expand this initiative to even more communities across Canada and continue to work to reduce waste in the industry."

TerraCycle eliminates the idea of ​​waste by recycling “non-recyclable” products. Whether it's coffee capsules from your home, pens from a school, or plastic gloves from a manufacturing plant, TerraCycle can collect and recycle almost any form of waste.

“By partnering with Tweed, we have given consumers a free and easy way to divert cannabis packaging from landfills,” said Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle. “With this revolutionary recycling solution, these now common items are collected nationwide from all licensed producers and have a second life as a different product, extending the life cycle of the packaging material.

packaging, Tweed, TerraCycle, recycling

The Cannabis Packaging Recycling Program is an ongoing activity, open to any buyer, individual consumer of legal products, any public / private / online retailer with a legal license to distribute cannabis products in their respective province.

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