CJ Wallace, son of the famous Notorious BIG talks about his new brand


It's been around 22 years since Christopher Wallace, better known as "Biggie Smalls," was killed in a shootout driving a car in Los Angeles. A few days before the 22th anniversary of his death in 1997, his son CJ launches a new brand of cannabis in tribute to his father

Think BIG

The Notorious BIG's son, CJ Wallace, launched Think BIG, a new brand and cannabis movement. The brand is inspired by Biggie Smalls and aims to use cannabis as a method to stimulate ingenuity.

The new company will launch products and brands developed from the three pillars of Think BIG: creativity, curiosity and collaboration. The brand will also promote the safe use of cannabis that promotes self-expression, health and well-being, while advancing criminal justice reform and de-stigmatization of people who use cannabis.

For CJ, cannabis is a way of communicating with his late father who he lost at five months. The company is assisted by Todd Russaw, CJ's music director and father-in-law, and contractor Willie Mack.

The first publication of the brand, Frank White, named after one of Biggie's pseudonyms, will be available from April. Products - pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, clothes, etc. - will be sold on the company's website, as well as in pop-ups and some retailers.

"In the end, I think he would be really proud, especially of all our positivity to normalize cannabis and finally reverse the stigma surrounding it. "

The Frank White Creative Blend is a limited edition cannabis product sold by Think BIG in partnership with Lowell Herb Co. Part of the proceeds goes to the Prison Arts Project.

Think BIG lobbied for drug law reform, which disproportionately affects black Americans and people of color by working with other companies. Think BIG is currently partnering with the California cannabis firm Lowell Herb Co. to sell the limited edition "Frank White Creative Blend". The pre-rolls package pays tribute to the Notorious B.IG. and 10% of its proceeds go to the California Prison Arts Project, which brings art and creativity to prisons and helps inmates explore job opportunities.

"We certainly want to work with other companies," said Wallace, noting that Think BIG has also partnered with Code for America, which is working to facilitate automatic cancellation of convictions for cannabis in states. like California.

Beyond a simple brand of cannabis, Think BIG also hopes to work on charitable projects.

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