Chickens fed on hemp seeds

US group Hemp Feed Coalition (HFC) officially asks FDA to approve hemp feed for chickens

Several organizations and companies such as the Hemp Feed Coalition (HFC) began to study the possibility of feeding farm animals with hemp seeds and meal last year, for the fattening of these animals. Separately, other groups such as Friends of Hemp are considering submitting feed clearance applications to the Food and Drug Administration.

Hemp products are currently not approved for animal feed. This is why the HFC (Hemp Feed Coalition) claims that growing hemp on a large scale will create highly nutritious and valuable by-products for animal feed.

HFC Program Director Hunter Buffington said the process could take approximately 18 months from the date of submission, said Feed Navigator

“It's a tedious process overseen by the FDA-CVM. Although they have expressed support for swift approval of applications for hemp and its by-products, the process is still slow. For example, when a researcher submits an initial research proposal for pre-approval to the FDA-CVM, the agency has 180 days to respond. This is extremely fast for a federal agency, but it means that even the initial study design will progress within these timelines.

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In addition, there are already countries where hemp is used for animal feed, Hunter Buffington says in his report. However, HFC will need to test nutrient profiles with hemp produced in the United States to submit its claim to regulatory authorities in the country. She will need to present research results and work with experts in these fields to create testing protocols for these foods and "determine a suggested inclusion rate for the species as well as the intended use of the ingredient."

Colorado State University is currently conducting a study on feeding lambs with hemp. Another study on feed and hemp for pig farming is being considered with Minnesota State University. Also, the same would be done with the University of North Dakota, but with cattle.

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