South Africa: First cannabis education platform opens

The Cheeba Cannabis Academy will soon be offering a scholarship program

At the forefront of the emerging cannabis industry in South Africa, Cheeba Africa has announced the launch of the Cheeba Cannabis Academy. This is the first dedicated cannabis education learning platform on the African continent, opening its online portal at a time when the industry is poised to experience rapid growth and bring a significant contribution to sustainable socio-economic development.

According to industry analysts, Prohibition Partner, the legal cannabis industry in Africa is expected to represent more than US $ 7,1 billion per year by 2023. At the same time, they estimate that the South African domestic market of the cannabis and related products will represent 27 billion rand per year (1.5 billion euros)

Building a responsible, sustainable and globally leading industry requires training and education that enables the development of a cannabis business ecosystem where entrepreneurs, growers, employers, cannabis professionals health and wellness practitioners can all thrive.

“Cannabis has the potential to have a positive impact on our economy, facilitating large-scale job creation, uplifting low-income communities, especially in underserved rural areas, as well as contributing to general improvement in people's health. “However, for that to happen, we need to give people the opportunity to develop industry specific skills. Cheeba Africa is proud to be the number one contributor in this area, ”says CEO and co-founder Trenton Birch.

The first series of four short courses from the Cheeba Cannabis Academy, which is aimed at those interested in entering the industry or adding cannabis expertise to their skill set, is available online and can register now.

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The Academy has partnered with the online cannabis education platform, Medical Marijuana 411, based in the United States, and adapted the course content to the South African market. Some of their courses feature a unique blended learning model where students meet in an online classroom with a maximum of 20 people, which facilitates personalized learning and industry networking.

Birch draws on a solid decade of experience in South African higher education, having established three high-tech campuses offering creative media courses to over 450 students per year. To ensure the high quality of the Cheeba Cannabis Academy offering, it took ten months of research and learning trips to global cannabis centers of excellence such as California and Barcelona.

“We are proud to have partnered with the Cheeba Africa team to help them educate South Africans on medicinal cannabis. With their vast experience in education and cannabis, they are well positioned to contribute significantly to the growth of their industry through world-class cannabis education ”, says Christine Nazarenus, vision director and co-founder of Medical Marijuana 411.

Cheeba Africa is a business promoting health and wellness through our CBD lines, and we are deeply committed to education through the Cannabis Academy and Craft Cannabis TV.

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He also has a vision for how the flourishing cannabis industry can trigger a much-needed economic transformation that enables marginalized South Africans to improve their livelihoods. Birch helped establish the Bridges for Music Academy in Langa and took action against inequalities by developing educational programs for disadvantaged youth.

"The Cheeba Cannabis Academy will soon be offering a scholarship program, and we will continue to hold workshops in townships and rural areas when in-person training becomes possible again."

The Academy benefits from long-standing relationships and close collaborations in the industry that preceded the legalization allowing personal use. Its advisory board includes physicians, pharmacists and industry experts such as Tony Buddon, who has pioneered the use of industrial cannabis products since 1996 through his company, Hemporium.

Jacqui Ramage (B.Pharm), Head of Training and Facilitation at the Cheeba Cannabis Academy, says: “Education is going to be a fundamental differentiator to ensure the sustainable success of the South African cannabis industry. medicinal. A competent industry will help ensure accurate, relevant and responsible market access. We look forward to welcoming our first cohort of students and supporting them in their development of the skills necessary for this exciting industry ”.

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