Prohibition continues on American TV channels

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CBS US Broadcast Network Rejects Super Bowl Advertising on Therapeutic Cannabis

CNN Business: American states legalize more and more but it seems that the plant is still not widespread enough to convince CBS to let a cannabis company broadcast a Super Bowl ad in 2019.

La CBS has rejected a 30 second advertising project for the Super Bowl 2019 that extols the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The Acreage advertising agency sent his script to the network and received a return e-mail that said, "CBS will not accept any medical cannabis advertising at this time. "

George Allen, President of Acreage Holdings, said the announcement focused on how medical cannabis helped people come to terms with pain, including a child with Dravet syndrome who was suffering from seizures .
The ad does not promote Acreage products, which distinguishes it from other controversial Super Bowl ads that have been rejected by networks in the past. For example, a GoDaddy spot has already been rejected because it was considered sexually suggestive.

By making public the news of a rejected ad, Acreage is following the example of other companies whose ads have been disapproved. The company said it planned to release a 60 seconds version of the spot on its website so people could see why everyone was making a fuss about it.

Mr. Allen said that Acreage was ready to spend more than 5 million dollars for the spot, which is the current price of an advertisement for the Super Bowl in 2019. But Allen added that CBS told Acreage that the commercial did not comply with the network's advertising policies.

"We are disappointed with this news, but we are not surprised," said Allen. He says media companies may be reluctant to advertise cannabis as long as marijuana remains illegal for recreational and medical purposes at the federal level.
"Nevertheless, we developed the ad in the spirit of a PSA. We believe it is our responsibility to advocate on behalf of our patients, "said Allen.

Former NFL players trade painkillers for cannabis

What does the NFL think

Athletes from several leagues, including the NFL, are increasingly calling for the approval of cannabis for medical purposes to relieve the aches and pains of contact sports. Recently retired, Martellus Bennett estimated that the majority of NFL players consume marijuana, while Shaun Smith, a retired defensive lineman, said use is widespread in the league, from captains to quarterbacks, from coaches to personal employees and players are increasingly willing to accuse the NFL of hypocrisy for its other marketing partnerships.

Chris Long, the Eagles' defensive lineman, sarcastically tweeted on Tuesday, after the media started covering the Acreage ad, "continue to run the ads for the liquor."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he opposes the recreational use of the weed, but is willing to listen to the league's medical advisers about its potential medicinal values.

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