CBDV modulates brain circuits in patients with autism spectrum disorders

tsa and cannabidivarin

Clinical trial: Single dose of CBDV modulates atypical brain circuits in patients with autism spectrum disorders

The administration of the phytocannabinoid CBDV (cannabidin ship) modulates brain chemistry in autistic patients and generally is associated with progress in patients, according to clinical data published in the journal Molecular Autism.

An international team of researchers from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom evaluated the administration of CBDV versus placebo in a cohort of male patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) . The researchers reported that administration of CBDV resulted in brain changes in the striatum that are generally associated with alleviation of symptoms of ASD.

The authors concluded: “A single dose of CBDV was sufficient to change the atypical FC [functional connectivity] of the striatum in the mature brain of autists to the pattern initially found in neurotypicals. … Future studies are needed to determine if the modulation of striatal heart rate is associated with a change in symptoms of ASD. "

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Several observational trials have documented behavioral improvements in patients with ASD who were given whole plant cannabis extracts. More recently, a 2021 review of the relevant literature summarized: “Cannabis products have been shown to [reduce] the number and / or intensity of various symptoms, including hyperactivity, seizures. self-harm and anger, sleep problems, anxiety, agitation, restlessness, irritability, aggressiveness, persistence and depression. In addition, they [are associated with] improved cognition, sensory sensitivity, attention, social interaction and language. "

The review authors concluded: “Cannabis and cannabinoids may have promising effects in the treatment of symptoms related to ASD and may be used as an alternative therapy in the relief of these symptoms. "

The full text of the study, “Modulation of connectivity differences in striatal functioning in adults with and without autism spectrum disorder in a single-dose, randomized trial of cannabidivarin,” appears in Molecular Autism. Additional information on cannabis and ASDs is available from NORML .

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