CBD can also offer a "High"

cbd can also provide a high 5

Contrary to what has been thought so far, CBD and not only THC can pleasantly cause a psychoactive effect.

According to a new study, CBD can lead to an effect of High. However, this effect can only be produced by ingesting cannabis; this is due to the conversion of THC by an environment rich in acidity. Cannabis strains rich in CBD and the oil extracted from these same species are used today to treat a variety of medical conditions, in part due to the fact that Cannabinoids do not cause a psychoactive effect and are harmless to the body. user, even in children.

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The known effects of CBD

The team led by Dr. John Merrick of the company's research laboratories Pace Analytical, is used for research on the digestion of the human body, and therefore through what is absorbed and broken down by the individual, in particular CBD. Common results tell us that CBD does not induce psychoactive effects, but a close examination of researchers raised an interesting fact about the metabolic response of the CBD process.

The acidity of the stomach ...

According to the researchers, the acid-rich (low PH) region like the stomach makes slow changes in the molecular structure of CBD, eventually causing it to have the possibility of becoming either roughly or wholly THC. The digested material (CBD), according to the results of the study is almost completely recreated (at 98%) in 120 minutes (2 hours). This newly and slowly created “THC” in the bloodstream, effectively transfers to the brain, and creates psychoactive effects.

Only in case of ingestion

Dr. Ian Mitchelle, a Canadian physician and expert in the study of cannabis refers to the results of the professional study; this explains that smoking or vaporizing cannabis rich in CBD passes through a neutral environment (in acidity), that of the lungs; which is not comparable with the ingestion of CBD.

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In addition, Dr Mitchell claims that the researchers did not check after heavy consumption of CBD, whether the level of THC increased in the blood. Nor even the influence of the stomach that could have on the transformation of CBD. Therefore cannot be taken into account the THC in the brain after its formation in the stomach. The significant differences between THC and CBD were clear in the scientific community; in the case of caring for children or on people who have experienced the psychoactive effects of THC… The effects are not as pronounced as we thought.

CBD, safe for the child

We agree that the study was funded by a company with financial interests likely to benefit from the development of alternative methods to the consumption of CBD, further research is needed by a more neutral body in the field. on medical prescription, this research remains obsolete in its consequences; THC does not have to appear explicitly in the files of the Ministries of Health, the Truth about the transformation of CBD remains unanswered and is therefore not yet validated by the authorities.

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