CBD against obsessive syndrome

cbd against obsessive syndrome 6

Ecstasy experiment reveals that CBD can become a treatment against OCD

Sometimes it can be difficult to be present when our thoughts are elsewhere… Which confuses our mind, which is no longer able to recognize the true from the false… Which means in psychological terms that we lose the capacity to obtain an answer to our worries, to our obsessions whether we like it or not. CBD can respond to this, even in an experiment induced with mCCP (a molecule of certain ecstasy), without the known side effects and negative effects of chemical medication.


Obsessive syndrome (OCD)

Each human being has several times in his life the experience of ideas or feelings born of his own psychic activity but which make him uncomfortable and persist for a longer or shorter time despite his efforts to get rid of them. These fairly common obsessions are linked to actions performed against the conscious will. Often, they disappear without leaving any after-effects but can also be more serious and reveal a neurosis which is the case of OCD.

Attention maniacs, compulsive chewing is OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is recognized as an anxiety disorder. OCD is characterized by obsessions, compulsions or both. Obsessions are intrusive thoughts or images that arise repeatedly and are difficult to drive out of the mind. Obsessions are disturbing, sometimes frightening or unpleasant. They can generate a lot of distress, fear, discomfort or disgust.

The most common OCD, compulsive hand washing

Obsession causes both physical and mental stress. But CBD can help like other medication against this anxiety-provoking episode. However unlike other drugs. It is not overly sedating, and does not manifest itself with unpleasant side effects.

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Ecstasy experience

Today, obsessive-compulsive patients are often treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). They are found in the antidepressant Prozac, in addition to psychotherapy ... That said, a team of researchers published a study in the journal Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacologyearlier from the University of San Paulo. For example, Dr. Francisco Guimaraes administered Meta-chloro-phenyl-piperazine (mCPP) to rats. It is a very psychoactive molecule that is found in certain ecstasy (CCP).


MCCP is known to induce panic attacks in people prone to having them. It directly induces OCDs, while worsening those existing in the person. Additionally it is noted that mCCP prevents anti-compulsive effects… Once mCPP was administered, the researchers then administered two levels (30mg / kg or 15mg / kg) of cannabidiol (CBD). This is to assess obsessive-compulsive disorder in each rat. Interestingly, even a low dose of CBD decreased obsessive behavior and its compulsive activity.

Conclusive results on little mice ...

These results reinforce the certainty that CBD has anti-compulsive properties, which is recognized today in cases of epilepsy, and suggests that CBD can be used in a clinical setting as a valuable treatment for OCD. In addition, their experience is unique, patients with OCD have thoughts and concerns that trigger obsessive anxiety. So the only way to compensate for this anxiety is to act on their compulsions (thoughts).

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