CBD against acne, an effective treatment?

cbd for acne an effective treatment 2

CBD is also making its way into beauty products, from body care to makeup. A new use of the molecule would cure acne.

CBD offers surprising results for muscle and eczema relief. Others prefer to use it in the form of tinctures to reduce anxiety. But did you know that it could heal and prevent rashes?

After spotting Myaderm Blemish Control Moisturizer - a daily acne lotion that uses CBD, the question arises: Could this be the adult acne treatment that has been sought for so long? The answer is not perfect, but there might be good reasons to test it.

A study conducted in 2014 by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows the properties of CBD to regulate oil production by the sebaceous glands. This effectively controls potential breakouts.

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Clinical tests to confirm efficacy

Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, says the only readily available drugs with similar abilities are oral isotretinoin (aka Accutane), hormonal treatments (birth control pills), and spironolactone.

So CBD has been shown to be able to control oil production in a lab. This does not mean that every brand is going to launch its CBD product.

"There is a big difference between laboratory activity and the actual effectiveness of a drug", explains Dr. Zeichner. “A topical product must be formulated in a way that allows the active drug to be stable and penetrate through the skin to reach its target. Many drugs that have shown great potential have ended up failing in clinical trials because they ended up not working in actual patients despite promising preclinical data. " 

Taking CBD In Other Forms To Treat Acne

Yet there is a possibility that CBD in its other forms could help. Dr. Zeichner confirms that stress reduction can be a valid acne treatment. Keeping stress low can't hurt.

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But before looking for the hottest CBD skin care products on the internet, dermatologist Rachel Nazarian recommends asking her doctor or dermatologist before self-medication.

“Not enough studies have been done to fully support the use of CBD as a monotherapy in the treatment of acne. Indeed, many cases of acne can cause disfiguring scars. Thus, they require drugs to quickly preserve the tissues.

Dr. Nazarian explains, “Oral versions of CBD can potentially interact with other oral medications. They should be ingested with caution, and only after permission from your doctor. "

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