Are there any side effects to taking CBD?

Are there any side effects to taking cbd 2?

What are the side effects of CBD?

As the consumption of CBD grows, a question arises among users regarding the risks. This article on the side effects of CBD is not going to be very long. Quite simply because its effects are almost non-existent.

Despite the title, CBD really doesn't have any side effects that need to be reported.

Upward trend for e-liquid CBD at the expense of nicotine

An absence of side effects

CBD is a component of cannabis that can help many people. From pain relief to good quality sleep, anxiety and more. CBD is 100% natural and, according to several researches, "as good" as some prescription drugs.

Dr Leah Zachar speaks like this side effects of CBD: “If you take sublingual CBD, there is a rare side effect, which produces the symptom of thirst. The feeling of dry mouth is caused by the decrease in saliva production that occurs when sublingual CBD is used. " 

The excess is eliminated by going to the toilet

At worst, CBD could give a cottony sensation in the mouth, forcing you to get a glass of water. Except that? When asked if CBD is safe, Dr Zachar replied:

“CBD is a safe product. There are no side effects when consumed without excess. Doses of 4000 mg per day can be taken safely. There is therefore no toxic dose. CBD works the same as most vitamins. When you take too much of certain vitamins, your body takes in what it needs. The rest is eliminated in the urine. "

And that's about it. Aside from these minor worries, there don't appear to be any noticeable side effects from CBD.


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