CBD can counter the negative effects of THC

cbd can counteract the negative effects of thc 8

Cannabis Cluster: Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Counteract the Negative Side Effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

A recently published study on different THC-induced problems shows that CBD can counteract the negative side effects of THC. The research was performed on young adult mice in a controlled laboratory environment. The results of the study could turn out to be revolutionary and help adolescents make informed decisions about their health. A study which confirms the power of the entourage effect.

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

The study

A group of researchers from Indiana Bloomington University conducted a survey using male mice. They administered daily injections of three milligrams of THC per kilogram of body weight into a group of mice. Another group received CBD (3mg / g), and a third group received a combination of THC and CBD (3mg / kg each). The latter group was not "disturbed" (the control group).

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

The researchers administered the injections during the teenage years of the mouse. For a mouse, that means 28-48 days after birth. Another group of mice received the same treatments, but this time in early adulthood. Adult age in mice is estimated at 69/89 days after birth.

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

The mice completed an assortment of tests. They were first tested one day after treatment, then another 42 days after stopping treatment. The tests included recognizing new objects, opening the field, burying, a more complicated maze and a shredding test (Nestlet).

The results

The young mice who received daily THC injections presented immediate and long-term impairments… Notably apparent during new object recognition tests. Mice that received the injections during adulthood only showed immediate impairment on new object recognition tests. As for the maze test, mice that received THC as teenagers and those that received it during adulthood both had stress and anxiety delays.

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

But mice who had chronic THC injections during adolescence showed more compulsive and repetitive behaviors in the Nestlet shredding test.
In contrast, simultaneous THC and CBD injections prevented negative side effects for the THC group. Mice that were injected with just CBD had no influence on the tests.

Influences on adolescents

From the results of the study, the researchers concluded that chronic exposure to high levels of THC is bad for patients. Adolescents. According to the researchers, the data supports the hypothesis that chronic THC in adolescents increases the risk of behavioral abnormalities.

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

These abnormalities are common in patients with disorders such as schizophrenia. However, CBD has put the brakes on all THC-induced abnormalities. This new study is interesting, especially since it specifically concerns adolescents. While we already know that smoking weed does not decrease the IQ in adolescents. This study addresses other cognitive and behavioral issues. Specifically, those that revolve around mental health.

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

According to researchthe THC level in the weed jumped by 300% between 1995 and 2014. Although all teens do not smoke weeds, many do. It is practically a rite of passage. But now we know that CBD can counteract the negative side effects of THC, cannabis enthusiasts can begin to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The entourage effect

It is clear from this study that the two cannabinoids complement each other. They work together. Specifically, CBD sums up the potentially negative effects of THC. Likewise, some effects produced with CBD are more effective if consumed alongside THC. This tendency for cannabinoids to work better when they come together rather than when isolated is known as the entourage effect.

THC, entourage effect, side effects, CBD

If you're trying to target a very specific effect, you may want to check out strains or products that attempt to isolate a specific cannabinoid. One of the most common situations is that of patients who need CBD, but don't want to feel under the influence of a psychotropic drug (THC). But if possible, it's good to get the full gamut of cannabinoids in order to increase efficiency. This allows you to capture the power ofsurrounding effect.

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