CBD during a narcotics screening

Does CBD show up on drug testing?

Increase in absenteeism, decrease in productivity, increase in accidents at work… If you are a salaried worker, it is likely that you will be required to test for drugs at some point in your career. This practice is common internationally. In France, the employer may be subject to an obligation to ensure the health and physical and mental safety of his employees, he cannot resort to drug testing in a systematic and generalized manner (except for certain trades) ... But things may well change in the near future. Of course, THC will show up in a drug test, among other real drugs too… But what about CBD?

CBD, Hemp oil, THC, business, drug testing

The short version

The good news is that CBD, on its own, will not show up in a drug test. This is because the chemicals used in these tests do not react with the CBD. Screening tests are simply not designed to detect cannabidiol. But that doesn't mean you got out of the woods ...

CBD, Hemp oil, THC, business, drug testing

This is because most CBD products and hemp oils are not 100% pure. They are rich in CBD but composed only of pure CBD ... As a result, most of these products contain small (even tiny) amounts of THC, and urine tests in particular will detect it. So in theory if you take pure CBD it shouldn't show up on tests ...

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In the real world ...

But in the real world, if you consume CBD, you also receive small doses of other cannabinoids like… THC. And since the screening is for THC, your CBD medication may “show up” on the test. In other words, as long as THC is still in your body, you could fail a drug test. A small dose of CBD oil, for example, will only carry a small amount of THC. Small enough that the test will not detect it.

CBD, Hemp oil, THC, business, drug testing
No more evening fart, THC stays in the body for many weeks ...

But if you take a large dose of CBD, the cannabinoid tracers may be present in amounts large enough that a test will fail. A small study found that as long as you take less than 300 mg of CBD oil per day, you will be able to pass the test. However, this is not a guarantee. Since most CBD products have small amounts of other cannabinoids, doing your own research can be a good idea. So you have to determine how much THC is present in the CBD product you are using. Then adjust your consumption accordingly.

Factors of failure

Other factors determine whether CBD will trigger a positive test result. Besides what you take, your metabolism and your individual health, other medications or drugs you take… And also how you take it, everything plays a role.

CBD, Hemp oil, THC, business, drug testing

There is also the effect of "entourage". These are the complex interactions between different cannabinoids. These interactions produce different effects in your body depending on the combination of cannabinoids you consume. In some cases, CBD ends up blocking certain enzymes in your body that break down THC. When this happens, less THC is metabolized, and more THC will remain in your system ... This could make you more likely to fail a drug test, especially if it is a urine test ...

CBD, Hemp oil, THC, business, drug testing
Fail… Drugs in business, a taboo subject for which THC pays the costs…

These complex metabolic interactions mean that a person's individual genetics come into play. So the genetics and chemical profiles of the cannabis you consume. The dose that triggers a positive result for one person may not have the same effect between two people. And one strain or CBD product might have a different combination of cannabinoids than others. All of these variables play a role in whether or not a “drug” test is successful. We can cite a study which indicates that CBD can be converted into THC. While this is true within the confines of a laboratory, there is probably no need to worry in everyday life.

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The safest solution

CBD is unlikely to show up on your drug test unless you take cannabis oil that is too high in CBD. And this even if the drug test does not detect CBD. They can find other traces of cannabinoids, and probably THC ...

CBD, Hemp oil, THC, business, drug testing
Preferred a recognized CBD oil ...

The safest solution is to stick to what has been shown ... Look for lab-tested products that do not contain more than 0,2% (EU law) traces of THC ... And there indeed, you do you shouldn't worry about being fired as a result of drug testing.

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