Top 9 Health Benefits of CBD for Your Pets.

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We say that "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our whole life!" "

And anyone who has a four-legged friend by their side would agree! If you have an awesome being by your side, you know how your world can turn when the dog gets sick.

Dogs do not have the capacity to express how they feel but if you are one of those who have had a dog by your side before, you will understand that the body language of these canine beings is quite expressive.

The family of a treasured puppy would know him better than anyone, so you will certainly understand when something is wrong with him. Instinctively, dogs won't let it show that there is something wrong with them in the initial stages of their illness, but over time you may notice subtle changes in your partner's actions and personality. four legs. friends.

If you act quickly on the first signs of illness, you may be able to save your hairball from suffering while saving its life and a lot of money.
CBD is more popular than ever. And now that marijuana is legal on the whole, its popularity is sure to grow!

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, is one of the 104 chemical compounds derived from the hemp plant. Sadly, people only view marijuana as a psychoactive drug that can get them high, but there is a lot more to it than it seems. CBD oil has been linked to tremendous health benefits for centuries.

CBD oil various health benefits

As you well know, CBD oil has a variety of health benefits for humans, from reducing anxiety to treating chronic pain. Recently, a drug called Epidiolex was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. Epidiolex contains CBD and should be consumed orally. You must have seen the sudden hype about CBD all around you and if you are a pet you must have wondered if it could benefit your furry friend as well.

The potential benefits of CBD oil are not only exclusive to us humans. When given to pets, CBD oil can help with everything from physical illnesses to emotional issues. We're pretty sure you'll be happy to know (if you haven't already) that CBD oil can open the door to a world of benefits for your dogs as well.

CBD oil when given to dogs can help promote optimal well-being and may even help maintain a healthy immune system, in addition to helping your pet maintain normal emotional balance.

From topical oils to CBD infused cookies, there are many pet friendly products available on the market. Many puppy parents use different types of CBD infused oils and ointments on their children, observing the effects they have and closely monitoring how their pets benefit from them.

Are you curious about how to use it to improve your pet's life? We have done extensive research on how CBD oil can be used for pets, the ways it can make a difference for separation anxiety, and how CBD can be used as a treatment for pets. to come up. Before that, it's important to know how CBD works for your pet.

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Pet?

You've probably heard of the uses of CBD in humans, which may leave you wondering if it's good enough to be given to your furry family members or not! This is because there are different types of drugs and health supplements that work for humans but are not considered suitable for dogs.

You will be surprised to know that this is not the case with CBD.
From humans to dogs, all mammals in this world have a biological system known as the endocannabinoid system inside their bodies. The endocannabinoid system or ECS was named after the cannabis plant as it was first discovered.

CBD interacts with the body of a mammal via the endocannabinoid system.

There are different types of responsibilities handled by the endocannabinoid system, some of which include regulating the sleep cycle, body metabolism, responsibility for appetite, memory, immune system response, maintaining a balance or homeostasis, and much more.

However, all of these responsibilities are handled by the receptors that work for the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system is mainly made up of two different types of cannabinoid receptors called CB1 and CB2. What these receptors do is they interact with endocannabinoids - which are the cannabinoids naturally produced by the brain.

Interestingly, dogs have more CB1 and THC receptors in their brains than humans, which is why cannabis affects us differently. If, in case, a dog consumes cannabis containing THC, the animal may start to experience some unpleasant side effects such as increased anxiety.

Dogs are much more sensitive to THC than we humans are. Due to the sensitivity, it is strongly recommended that dogs only ingest products that contain CBD. CBD does not contain THC, and it is an extract from the cannabis plant, you can offer your four-legged friends all the benefits of CBD without putting them at risk of THC.

If you are still worried and unsure whether to feed your pet CBD, remember that most of the research and studies on these results are done in laboratory animals such as rats or in different clinical trials in humans. Tests done on rats and clinical trials on humans suggest that CBD interacts similarly in cats, dogs, humans, and other pets.

There are a variety of benefits dogs can experience from taking CBD regularly. When a dog ingests CBD oil, it can affect how the dog perceives stress and pain, improves mood, increases dopamine levels, and more. On a physical level, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of dogs in a way that reduces inflammation, putting an end to GPR signaling which ultimately reduces the reproduction of cancer cells. Endocannabinoid receptors in a dog's brain help regulate its response to nausea, physical pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

There are many health issues in dogs (listed below) that manifest themselves in ways quite similar to humans.

CBD oil as a pain reliever

As discussed in the introduction, CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system which is directly related to pain and is responsible for managing it as well. One of the main health benefits of CBD discovered early on in research was its potential ability to increase pain.
CBD has become a popular supplement due to its pain relieving properties. There are many ways that CBD can help manage pain.

One of the main ways in which CBD alleviates the presence of pain is by intensifying the effects of inhibitory receptors found in the central nervous system of dogs which are responsible for the perception of pain. CBD can temporarily stop the absorption of anandamide, a chemical responsible for dampening pain signals in the brains of our pets. This, in turn, increases the different types of effects of anandamide, one of which is reducing pain sensations.

Next, CBD is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Pain and many other symptoms caused by conditions such as arthritis can be combated by reducing inflammation. So if your dog has arthritis, you know what to do.

Nowadays, scientists are trying to find ways to create a new class of drugs to treat chronic pain. Studies suggest that CBD can be a very effective treatment for reducing the following conditions in dogs:

• The effect of inflammation on oxidative stress which is responsible for premature aging and degeneration.
• Different types of pain, including those related to nerves and neuropathy
• General inflammation
• Inflammation in acute pancreatitis
• Inflammation associated with irritable bowel disease also known as intestinal inflammation.

CBD oil can reduce anxiety

Just like the way anxiety penetrates deep into human behavior, it can also affect pets. If you are a dog parent, you may have noticed that your dog may be suffering from noise phobia, separation anxiety, travel anxiety, and even specific phobias. CBD oil has been studied extensively to understand the effects it can have on stress and anxiety.

CBD has a calming effect on dogs which can help them relax in case they are suffering from separation anxiety. A daily dose of CBD oil is what to give them in order to calm pets' nerves before they leave home for work. Sometimes it is seen that dogs tend to be afraid when thunder or fireworks explode. CBD can also be administered on an irregular basis to calm dogs. Symptoms of anxiety can manifest and be recognized in unusual activities such as:

• Destructive behavior
• Chewing on furniture, garbage, shoes, clothes, etc.
• Marking
• Persistent barking
• Aggression
• Jerking
• Urinate and defecate (usually inside the house or crate)
• Tremors

A generous dose of CBD on a regular basis has proven that serotonin levels can potentially be increased, which acts as a feel-good brain chemical and counteracts anxiety.
In this way, CBD has a lot of power to help your dog feel calm and keep signs of anxiety at bay, which will also reduce stress or anxiety induced tendencies.

CBD Can Help Your Pet Feel Relaxed

From the minute you took your puppy or adult dog into your care, they stole your heart to the point that your phone suddenly started filling up with countless photos and videos of them, all taking up a lot of space. on your bed.

Indeed, dogs are man's best friend! They quickly become part of our family. This explains why so many pet owners go beyond their reach to take care of their furballs. Whether it's feeding them healthy, wholesome meals or making sure they attend training schools and see a vet on a regular basis, pet owners leave nothing to be desired.

This is because you are super attached to your pet, you will be able to tell if he is anxious, or if he is not feeling and behaving as usual or maybe a little nervous. It's okay to be concerned, but you should remember that dogs, just like humans, experience mood swings which can be caused by many factors.

Take for example, during the winter season, they may not be able to have a lot of time to get out and run which can leave them more energy inside. Or maybe when it's summers, they may feel overheating from the scorching sun that will make them cringe on the couch.

On the other hand, when a dog gets older, he may experience tenderness and joint pain which is quite normal but difficult to deal with. It is certainly important for you to take your dog and see a vet if you feel that something unusual is happening under their fur.

The benefits of CBD oil extend to your pet in a way that has been shown to calm nerves and anxiety when consumed regularly. Before embarking on an intensive routine of feeding your pet CBD oil on a daily basis, it is important to test a small drop first and then observe closely how your furry friend responds.

CBD Oil Can Help Your Pet Stay Strong

For people who have a pet by their side, it ultimately becomes their first child. Whether you are having a baby or not, your dog has taught you the definition of unconditional love, the amount of joy that a simple wagging tail can bring you. Pet parents see their pets not only as a guardian of the whole family, but also as an inseparable part of the family.

Just as dogs have stood by your side as you went through various stages of your life, so have your dog grown old. Even if they play with you for hours and hours together, run around your yard, they get sluggish with the passage of time. From being your alarm clock every morning, now it is you who have to wake them up to feed them for breakfast.

It is very difficult to watch your baby grow old and there is nothing you can do to stop it. But here's what you can do to make the whole process more comfortable: Feed them with CBD oil.

CBD oil has been proven to support and improve joint and hip health in animals. Just one drop of CBD oil will take them far and make it easier for them to age. There's no denying that you unfortunately can't keep your dog alive forever, but you can help keep them fresh and happy by simply incorporating a small amount of CBD oil into their daily routine.

CBD oil as a powerful antiemetic

Nausea and vomiting are one of the most common symptoms that can be the result of certain specific conditions or certain medications such as chemotherapy. Nausea and vomiting are considered serious symptoms in humans and dogs, which can also lead to poor appetite, rapid weight loss, fatigue, dehydration, and more. A few other reasons your pet may have nausea or vomiting may be due to aging or specific health issues they may be suffering from.

There are many antiemetic drugs available on the market and some of the more common ones recommended for cats and dogs include chlorpromazine, acepromazine, aminopentamide, among others. While these medications can help reduce and control vomiting and nausea, they can trigger a number of side effects, some of which include:

• Strong sedition
• Lethargy
• Uncontrolled drooling
• Loss of appetite
• Diarrhea
• Hypertension
• Lowering of epileptic thresholds in epileptic animals

This is because of the many negative side effects that make CBD a good choice as a natural health alternative for pets.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that CBD can be used as an effective antiemetic, can help control nausea and vomiting. It can also stimulate appetite, and regular consumption of CBD can help reduce anxiety by activating 5-HT1A receptors.

5-HT1A receptors are the same receptors that help reduce anxiety levels in dogs. By activating these receptors, CBD can reduce the urge to vomit, and subsequently suppress feelings of nausea. Stimulation of cannabinoid CB1 receptors over an extended period of time in the brains of dogs can help reduce vomiting and nausea.

Some theories also suggest that CBD is a much better antiemetic than some modern prescribed drugs. The best reason you should add CBD to your pet's daily routine is that it doesn't seem to cause side effects like traditional antiemetic drugs do.

CBD Oil May Slow Tumor Growth

One of the most common ailments in pets is the different types of malicious tumors and cancer which in many cases prove fatal. Everyone knows that until today, no cure has been found for cancer and treatment usually focuses on slowing the growth of the tumor, which also reduces pain and other related symptoms. to cancer.

Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments given to pets to provide relief from cancer and growing tumors. Just as chemotherapy has a number of side effects on humans, pets also suffer from many negative effects some of which include:

• Loss of appetite
• Nausea
• Tired
• Lethargy
• Constant fatigue
• Diarrhea

Recently, a new study suggested that cannabinoids such as CBD also have unique anti-cancer properties. Researchers are just beginning to explore ways cannabinoids can successfully help slow growth, ways to stop the spread of cancer, and even reduce tumor size.

CBD oil has been tested on rats and it has been found that cannabinoids can protect them against colon cancer by stopping the growth, development and spread of serious tumors. CBD along with other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant can also intensify the effect of traditional chemotherapy on the bodies of humans and dogs. CBD increases the rate at which cancer cells absorb chemotherapy agents and constantly protect healthy cells. That being said, there are still many studies attempting to explore the different methods in which CBD and other cannabinoids can be used to treat cancer.

CBD oil promotes homeostasis

To understand the effect of CBD on the homeostasis of our body, it is important to understand what homeostasis is in the former case.

Homeostasis is a word that describes the process of maintaining internal balance in an ever-changing external environment. When it comes to humans, homeostasis can refer to a plethora of independent but interdependent processes that keep our bodies running smoothly.

The main reason why our body can fluctuate depends on many external factors. For example, think about how stress, temperature, or even the food and drink you consume affects how your body functions.

To further simplify yourself, take for example a particularly hot day, your blood pressure may drop, which can make you feel nauseous, dizzy and excessively tired. But if you're preparing for an exam, it can raise your blood pressure, which would leave you struggling with headaches, anxiety, and other physical symptoms.

Homeostasis ensures that our body's biological systems are functioning to the best of their ability and that a balance is maintained. At times when our body's balance is upset, only then do sickness and disease strike.

A study suggests that our endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in maintaining this balance in our body due to its involvement in a wide range of bodily processes. Once our body's endocannabinoid system is stimulated, cannabinoids such as CBD help promote homeostasis in the body. This is one of the main reasons why many pet owners use CBD not only as a medicine to treat a specific disease, but also as a regular supplement to improve the overall health and well-being of their pet. .

It has been found that chemicals derived from the cannabis plant influence homeostasis in the body of a mammal to a large extent. These chemicals tend to enhance and decrease the activity of certain systems which also ultimately act as biological regulators. The endocannabinoid system includes signaling lipids, enzymes, G proteins, and receptors called CB1 and CB2 receptors.

In addition to playing a vital role in maintaining homeostasis in the body, the endocannabinoid system is also involved in neural plasticity and neuroprotection, immunity and inflammation, emotional memory, pain, hunger and the metabolism.

CBD oil as an anticonvulsant

CBD oil has excellent properties that help control tics, tremors, convulsions, and spasms. It is because of these properties that CBD is considered the natural anticonvulsant. These amazing benefits of CBD oil being a natural anticonvulsant were first discovered in 2013 when the story of Charlotte Figi, a young girl with epilepsy, made waves across the world.

The only way she could handle almost 300 seizures in a single week was to consume cannabis tincture rich in CBD compounds. This tincture is now known as Charlotte's Web. Since the story made headlines around the world, numerous studies have shown that CBD oil can help manage different types of spasms, tics, and tremors.

Another interesting set of studies suggests that consuming CBD may help manage seizures caused by epilepsy. On the other hand, it has also been found that THC and CBD can help fight spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis and that cannabidiol can help a person with tics and tremors which can be caused by the syndrome. by Tourette.

Although we know that CBD is a wonderful anticonvulsant, it is not entirely clear how it works. In general, the rapid and uncontrolled ignition of neurons in the brain is thought to cause seizures. Primary investigations have helped to conclude that CBD can help restore order to these neurons, causing them to fire normally and, most importantly, prevent the onset of seizures.

Surveys suggest that almost 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Most of them are given strong drugs, including phenobarbital and potassium bromide. These drugs are sure to help control seizures in dogs, but unfortunately they can be extremely harsh on your dog's liver and other organs.

You should note that these drugs do not work in all cases, although CBD has been shown to be effective in resisting epilepsy. When animals are given CBD, you may see a definite improvement in the dose in about 4 to 5 months.

CBD oil promotes cardiovascular health

Researchers at the University of Nottingham in Derby, UK wrote a review covering existing research on CBD oil to treat the cardiovascular system. Human and animal bodies, as well as the cannabis plant, tend to produce cannabinoids which can cause vasorelaxation. For example, anandamide has also been linked to vasorelaxation in numerous studies around the world.

However, it is not known exactly how anandamide can cause this effect, but this may be mainly because different studies indicate different possible mechanisms.
Another study suggests that the endocannabinoid system plays a very important role in mediating heart attacks and it could potentially aim to minimize the damage it causes to tissues.

In addition, it also states that CBD oil can help reduce arrhythmias and the potential risk of heart failure. In 2010, a study was conducted on lab rats to determine if CBD oil can be used as cardioprotection. The rats were dosed with CBD oil about 10 minutes before undergoing coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion.

To put it in layman's terms to you; the researchers mimicked a heart attack by inducing a temporary blockage of the coronary artery in rats. After that, the researchers looked for irregularities in the heartbeat (also called arrhythmias) to understand and determine the amount of dead tissue in the animals' hearts followed by a heart attack.

The whole procedure revealed that CBD could significantly reduce arrhythmias and the size of the infarction when CBD was administered before starting the process. These theories are not limited to a single study. The cardio-protective properties of CBD oil have been reviewed by another group of scientists who published a study in the Journal of The American College of Cardiology.

Heart disease and diabetes are very closely linked, and the effects of diabetes can complicate the cardiovascular system in many ways. The study looked at the effects of CBD oil on some of the main causes of diabetic heart problems.

Problems in the cardiovascular system of people with diabetes have been found to be the result of poor heart function, fibrosis, oxidative stress, increased cell death, and disturbances in blood flow especially in the body. left ventricle and sometimes inflammation of the heart tissue is fine. Ultimately, the researchers concluded that CBD may help reduce:

• Disturbances of blood circulation in the left ventricle
• Cell death
• The onset and hardening of connective tissue in the heart called fibrosis
• Oxidative stress and inflammation of muscle tissue
• Protect blood vessels from damage and dilate arteries
• Reduce blood pressure and heart rate associated with anxiety and stress

They also concluded that CBD is an extremely safe supplement that can be easily administered to animals, well tolerated by them, and has great therapeutic potential in the treatment of cardiovascular problems and other complications of diabetes.

How do you choose a good CBD oil for your dog?

No two CBD oils are the same. You'll want to choose a high-quality CBD oil that works for a particular condition or your dog's overall health. Here, we've compiled a list of a few things that you should definitely check out when settling for a particular brand of CBD oil.

CBD oil must be absolutely organic

CBD oil that is not organic may contain fungicides, solvents, and other pesticides that can make it an unhealthy choice for your baby.

Don't try to look for cheap CBD oil

The quality and purity of CBD oil comes at a cost. The higher the quality and purity, the higher the cost. Don't think about the price when buying CBD oil. Instead, make sure the one you buy is free of additives and contains a fair amount of CBD.

Be sure to check the lab analysis

Do not hesitate to request a laboratory analysis just to be sure of the amount of CBD present in the product. Most of the time, easily found CBD oils on the market contain only small amounts of CBD. The brand name must be able to provide you with a certificate of analysis. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that there is little to no THC present in the product that you want to feed your pet.

Buying CBD as a tincture

Although there are a lot of CBD products flooding the market, but the best form is to buy it in a tincture. The reason the tinctures are absolutely amazing is that they allow you to adjust the amount of drip dose so that you can maximize the benefits that CBD oil derives from.

Start slowly

Just like humans, it is very important to feed your dog small amounts of CBD oil and gradually increase the dosage.

Last word

If your dog suffers from anxiety or stress, chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain or phobias, it is highly recommended that you try CBD oil. Make sure to start administering the dose slowly and in small amounts and you will see that the results will amaze you. Don't let naysayers convince you that CBD oil is not a good option for your dog as there is a lot of research going on around the world and the results are very promising.

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