CBD could help patients with pancreatic cancer

cbd could help pancreatic cancer patients 3

Mice with pancreatic cancer, treated with CBD in combination with chemotherapy, survived 3 times longer

An international team of scientists has found that adding CBD to chemotherapy can triple the survival time in mice with pancreatic cancer. If the results are replicated in human trials, the dual therapy could quickly become routine use. Thus, this combination will prolong the life of patients. Pancreatic cancer currently has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers.

survival rate, CBD, chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer

Cannabidiol may help pancreatic cancer patients live longer

Led by Marco Falasca of Queen Mary University in London, the research team treated mice with pancreatic tumors. But, using a combination of standard chemotherapy gemcitabine (GEM) and cannabidiol (CBD). Indeed, the combination of cannabidiol and chemotherapy led to "remarkable increase in survival».

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survival rate, CBD, chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer

This new study published in the journal oncogene, showed that mice with pancreatic cancer treated with a combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and chemotherapy survived almost three times longer than those treated with chemotherapy alone.

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) remains one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, has barely changed over the past 40 years ... But there are very few treatments available, said lead researcher Marco Falasca.

survival rate, CBD, chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer
The death of Steve Jobs has made more talk about a little known cancer: pancreatic cancer.

The one-year survival rate is only 19%. The five-year survival remains at around 5%… Indeed, the need for new therapeutic strategies is “urgent”.

“Since the five-year survival rate of people with pancreatic cancer is less than 7%, the discovery of new treatments and therapeutic strategies is urgently needed,” said Dr. Falasca of theQueen Mary University of London.

Cannabidiol (CBD) ready for dual therapy

Dr Falasca noted that human trials involving CBD as a cancer treatment are moving faster in the UK than in the US, where CBD is still a Schedule 1 substance. In addition, the recent FDA approval ofEpidiolex, in June, determines a first positive step.

“Cannabidiol is already approved for use in clinics [in the UK]. Which means we can quickly test this in human clinical trials. 'Dr Falasca said.

CBD and THC oils have recently been approved by the British Home Office. But the extract used in the pancreatic cancer study was a medical grade extract with virtually no THC.

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survival rate, CBD, chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer
CBD oil already legally available in the UK is expected to be tested in human clinical trials.

Medicinal cannabis improves the side effects of chemotherapy. Including nausea and vomiting, improving the quality of life of patients, according to The Independent.

This study has not yet been reproduced in humans. But the results underscore the importance of further research into cannabis compounds. And, gives new hope to those suffering from pancreatic cancer.

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