Extraction of CBD using an espresso machine

Scientists in Spain find espresso machine can be used to extract CBD, THC and CBN

Cannabis research is expensive. And especially in the methods of extracting cannabinoids from the plant. Today all you need to do is use an espresso machine to extract CBD, THC and even CBN from your cannabis plant. And, in less than a minute…. 

Liquid extraction of cannabinoids with an espresso machine

A team of researchers seems capable of performing liquid extraction with a coffee machine. This recent experience should be published very soon in The International Journal of Pure and Applied Analytical Chemistry.

extraction, CBD, espresso, espresso machine
Liquid extraction of cannabinoids with an espresso machine (image from the results of the research)

The team are interested in knowing if the extraction from an espresso machine can become a new and relatively inexpensive method of extracting marijuana. And so, it turns out that it is possible!

extraction, CBD, espresso, espresso machine
Researchers use a machine Nespresso Essenza Manual XN2003

You don't need a fancy $ 2000 setup either. For the experiment, the researchers used a Nespresso Essenza Manual XN2003 machine, which costs around $ 300 on eBay. But, we can no longer find it Amazon… No doubt that the community of chemists has just raided the product…

 »We use machines to espresso with hard stopper for analytical extractions because of its ease of use, speed, availability and low price. This allows efficient extraction of organic compounds from solid samples in seconds ”.

Cannabis seized byUnidad de Inspección of Farmacia and Control of Drogas del Área de Sanidad of Valencia (Spain) was introduced into the filter after deep cleaning. The rigid cap espresso machine is used to extract three main ingredients from the plant, the THC, CBD and CBN.

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A simple method

The cannabis sample is crushed and inserted into an empty coffee capsule (capsules available online). The machine is filled with isopropanol (instead of water), an isopropyl alcohol which is the common name for propane-2-ol. This colorless, flammable chemical compound is one of two isomers of propanol (the other being propan-1-ol).

extraction, CBD, espresso, espresso machine
In the laboratory, it is often called "isoprop" but this remains reserved for a trivial and oral use of the name.

It is important to note that the extract is used for analytical and laboratory purposes. And no for consumption, because isopropyl alcohol is not intended for humans… But, using 95% alcohol would make it possible to obtain a consumable liquid extract… However, the extraction will probably not be as efficient with isopropyl alcohol. In addition, to "activate" the active ingredients, a process called decarboxylation takes place before alcohol extraction (methods on our site)

Comparison with traditional extraction methods

Then the scientists compare the results of these extracts with extractions from the same sample using three different and more traditional methods:ultrasound-assisted extraction  gas chromatographic spectroscopy and ion mobility spectrometry (IMS).

extraction, CBD, espresso, espresso machine
This graph shows the percentage of cannabinoids extracted from different samples of flowers, leaves and branches. About 90% cannabinoids go out in the first round of the espresso machine and the rest in the second round.

And according to the results, the extraction method seems to work in less than a minute. Is around 40 seconds...

“Quantitative extraction of THC, CBD and CBN from buds, leaves and stems was performed in a single, rapid 40 second extraction. "

The researchers noted that after using a rigorous cleaning method in stages, the coffee machine had not suffered any mishaps in their lab for the past two and a half years.

 "This method developed for the extraction of the main cannabinoids is a very encouraging example of the wide range of possibilities available for conventional and low-cost extraction of hard-top espresso," the study said.

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