Tonic CBD to mix with your cocktails

a look at the limitless possibilities of drinkable cannabis 6

A look at the possibilities of tonic drinks infused with CBD

While chefs and extractors understand just how limitless the creation of cannabis-infused foods can be, some take cannabis a step further. The occasion ranges from cold brew; with kombucha, ginger and honey… Here are the tonic and infused drinks with CBD, to mix for cocktails: the CBD spritzer.

The new ingredient for cocktails

Until the last few years, you had a limited choice of methods to consume cannabis: brownies to digest or cannabis to inhale. But now you can customize your high with an extra sip or a few drops of cannabis infused drinks. Additionally, you can also enjoy something that tastes great while getting some pretty high highs.

CBD, spritzer, cocktails
Drink it alone in the morning or with the alcohol of your choice after. AURORA ELIXIRS

Market reports continue to focus on the exponential growth of concentrate and edible product categories. And this versatile segment of the industry is catching the attention of consumers in all sectors. Müru Syrup et Aurora Elixirs are two examples of drinkable pot that offer even more flexibility. And, not exclusively with alcohol, although Aurora's slogan is "embrace the golden hour".

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Aurora Elixirs

Aurora Elixirs is positioned as a drink to mix in your cocktails. A spritzer is a large, cool drink, usually made with soda water or sparkling mineral water. This showcasing more ripe, slightly carbonated flavors like lavender spice and grapefruit. Aurora Elixirs is basically a CBD spritzer, made up of natural ingredients, including 15mg of CBD derived from hemp and 8g of sugar. The small glass bottle features a crown closure similar to beer and ginger tonics.

CBD, spritzer, cocktails
The lavender option has a more floral flavor, with hints of cilantro and the usual layer of calm brought by the soothing aroma of lavender.

After half an hour, there is a significant decrease in all feelings of worry and stress. So significant that we no longer want to work… The grapefruit rosemary is more grassy and tangy. We would associate it well with gin ...

CBD, spritzer, cocktails
 We are now just making cannabis. It's an ingredient. "

A subtle syrup for any occasion

Müru Syrup is less of a blender, and more of a versatile sweetener. It is used to sweeten tea, cocktails, chocolate, oatmeal - like a simple syrup containing cannabis rather than sugar. A few drops can be extremely effective. Whether it's the THC-infused formula, the all-CBD version, or the balanced blend of THC and CBD ... As a recreational licensed cannabis company in Oregon, Müru has lab results to prove the consistency of cannabis-derived ingredients. .

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CBD, spritzer, cocktails
The simple syrup of cannabis. MURU PRODUCTS

The syrup contains Lemon and Blackberry Lemon flavors, with additional grape for the THC infused range. Müru offers us a sugar-free recipe and certified laboratory results. This syrup simultaneously meets the need for a low impact, healthy way to implement cannabis into your day. It provides a versatile, water soluble method for mixing cannabis in a spritzer or cocktail.

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