CBD heals a child of a rare brain tumor

cbd cures child of rare brain tumor

William Frost a 4-year-old English boy heals from rare brain tumor with CBD

Aggressive treatments, surgery, and chemotherapy failed to shrink William's tumor. Doctors announced he was going to die. But his parents decided to try the treatment with cannabis oil, CBD. And there, things changed. The CBD helped heal little William Frost. Indeed, according to various studies, the components of cannabis have the potential to fight cancer. But despite this potential, cannabis has yet to be approved by clinical trials. Reality is found on the ground, William Frost a young English 4 years old was saved by the CBD.

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CBD can help heal brain tumors

Although no research has been done on how CBD can help brain tumors in children. Some work has been done regarding how cannabis-based molecules can help adult cancer patients. But in the field, in recent years, more and more cancer patients are treating themselves with cannabis. Products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) can be purchased online. Although recent changes mean that companies now need a license to sell them.

tumor, child, CBD

Lead researcher Professor Richard Grundy, from the University of Nottingham Children's Brain Tumor Center, said that in the past six months there had been an increase in the purchase of CBD (in England). Parents are administering more and more CBD to their children and without medical advice.

“New ways of treating brain tumors in children are urgently needed to extend and improve quality of life in patients with malignant brain tumors. So we are excited to test the effect of cannabidiol (CBD) on tumor cells in the brain, ”said Grundy.

Brain tumors kill more children in the UK than any other type of cancer. About 1 750 individuals under 18 years are diagnosed with cancer each year. Of which approximately 400 are cancers of the brain and spinal cord.

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New study coming up on CBD and tumors

Professor Richard Grundy's study is expected to be the first of its kind in the world. It will seek to determine whether CBD reduces tumors. The researchers will grow cells from different brain tumors under laboratory conditions. Some with the addition of cannabidiol molecules and others without. They will then compare how the presence of tumor cells differs in the two samples using a technique called cell staining. This will help them see how many cells are dividing and if they are dying.

Reduction and stabilization of the tumor in the case of little William, 4 years

Grundy said: “Cells - brain tumor and normal brain - under our standard conditions are expected to be healthy and actively dividing. We expect normal brain cells grown in cannabidiol to remain healthy. However, we expect the brain tumor cells cultured in cannabidiol to stop growing and die ".

Among those supporting the project are the parents of William Frost, a four-year-old boy who was diagnosed with ependymoma brain tumor in 2014 and is being processed at the Nottingham center.

William Frost, saved by the CBD

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Ineffective treatments

After examining the child in 2014, the MRI showed that a rare cancerous tumor (the size of a golf ball) was lodged in little William's brain. The child was subsequently diagnosed by numerous doctors. All determined that the little boy was dying. There followed a series of surgeries and treatments that lasted for two full years…. The brain tumor was removed surgically, but lesions, especially nerve damage led little William to paralysis.

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The left part of the child's face could no longer come to life. In addition, William suffered from the inability to move his head, nor his jaw. We saw fit to intubate (through the nose), to eat. Therefore William was given 4 different types of medicine. But this shock treatment helped complete the deafness in his left ear.

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Around mid-2015, little William complained of pain in his ear. And after the examination, it appeared that the tumor was starting to grow again in his brain. The surgery had to be more complicated this time around. All treatments failed and even led to the development of the size of this tumor. In early 2016, an MRI revealed that the tumor was growing despite a course of chemotherapy received. It was then that William's parents reacted, using CBD.

Intervention of the CBD

tumor, child, CBD

“We are told there are no more treatment options,” her mother says. “We decided to seek treatment outside of the health care system and we got the cannabidiol (CBD). "

Six months after treatment with the ketogenic diet (a very low carbohydrate diet), and administration of CBD, the parents first noticed improvement in William's condition. The tumor had shrunk by more than half. In early 2017, William's condition improved so much that his parents decided to bring him back to normal life. The doctors removed the feeding tube and the boy returned to school.

“Even though we taunt fate, so far the tumor is in a stable condition, which means it doesn't grow any more,” the mother says. "The CBD given to William, alongside the ketogenic diet, had a remarkable impact on William's recovery"

William Frost regains his vitality and smile

In honor of the success and in order to raise awareness of the disease, a special site was born . There you will find the whole story of little William, and the details of the success of the CBD treatment.

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